Bulletins & Advisories Type-R- FN2 Front Damper noises at low speed

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    Honda have released a damper kit to address a low speed knocking noise from the Honda Civic FN2. This applies to all model years for the FN2 between 2007-2010.

    The Symptom During driving the vehicle over speed humps or small road surface undulations/pot holes at speeds up to 20 MPH, a low level knocking or popping sound can be heard from the front of the vehicle.

    Fn2 damper noises AOCUK 1.JPG

    The Cause

    The knocking (popping) noise occurs when suspension inputs cause the Rubber Bump Stop Front (A) to move within the Upper Spring Seat (B). By design, there is a clearance (highlighted yellow) between the Rubber Bump Stop Front (A) and the Upper Spring Seat Case Lower (C).
    Over time, the Inter Ring (D) becomes loose allowing the Rubber Bump Stop Front (A) to move more freely allowing the knocking (popping) noise to become more audible. Contaminated road water is able to enter the Bearing Damper Mount Front which accelerates the wear within
    the Upper Spring Seat (B) contributing to the Inter Ring (D) becoming loose.

    Fn2 damper noises AOCUK 2.JPG

    The Fix

    The following fix has been applied to Aftersales parts (Kits) only as the vehicle is no longer in production. Additional material (X) has been added to the upper surface of the Rubber Bump Stop Front (E). These dimples remove the design clearance when the Rubber Bump Stop Front (E) is assembled to the Bearing Damper Mount Front.
    Fn2 damper noises AOCUK 3.JPG

    The Bearing Damper Mount Front (F) is not a dealer serviceable part. A seal (G) has also been added to the Bearing Damper Mount Front (F) to prevent the ingress of contaminated road water.

    Bearing Damper Mount Front Section
    Fn2 damper noises AOCUK 4.JPG

    The Repair Kit Reference Part Description

    A Self Locking Nut M12 X1.25mm*
    B Damper Mounting Base
    C Damper Mounting Bearing *
    D Bump Stop Rubber Front *
    E Dust Cover Sleeve
    F Damper Spring Front
    G Damper Unit
    * Parts included in the new service kit

    Fn2 damper noises AOCUK 5.JPG

    Please note Service kit 51610-SMT-305,Two kits are required for one vehicle repair.
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    How do I buy this?
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    Use the part numbers listed above to order from your fav Honda dealer. Most of us prefer to use our partners Holdcroft Honda