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    Hi guys, im new to the forum but not to owning a honda.

    Im going to be purchasing a Accord Type-S next weekend and my plan is to have a car thats built for track use.
    I've looked around for some info and seen "flashing" service via a member but im not sure if that is basically the same as a K100 board that i can buy from hondata or is the flashing limited to what you can do.

    Also, can anyone tell me whats interchangable from the Civic EP3 regarding suspension headwork etc etc, I do plan on fitting a k20 head but the compression on the accord may not be able to handle the revs i.e not been reliable.

    one more thing, where are most of you buying your modified parts from?

    sorry for the questions, I've come from owning honda delsol, CR-X, Civic to a car there doesnt seem to be much info on.

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    Hey @Dan Regan, your post seems to have been lost amongst a ton today :Smile:

    @littlebo's remapping service takes your stock ECU and reflashing it with a new base map, it's a great way to squeeze more performance out of a mildly modified car and overcomes some of the pitfalls of the lethargic stock map.

    Hondata K100 is an add-on board and interface to do something similar with compatible ECUs (not ours), with K-Pro being a more advanced version of that having USB support and datalogging capabilities. If you want to go the full route with the ability to have our car tuned on the dyno, you'll want to convert to a TSX ECU and use Hondata's FlashPro. I wrote a massive guide for it here: Hondata FlashPro with 07-08 Acura TSX ECU, Complete Installation

    Nothing is interchangeable in terms of suspension, the EP3 uses a MacPherson strut set-up whereas the Accord is full double-wishbone. Some parts from the USDM Acura TL are interchangable like the ARBs.

    A K20 head is a great upgrade for a car with other supporting mods, depending on which head precisely the flow is much better than the stock K24 head and can yield 10-15hp gains. The EP3 K20A3 less so than the FD2 and FN2 (K20A RRC, and K20Z4 respectively). Though those gains are better found elsewhere on a stock car, and of course you'll want to have proper engine management in place first as above to actually get the potential out of a K20 head. The K24A3 is a very solid engine and handles abuse far better than the K20A2 in my opinion, K20 heads on K24 blocks are very tried and tested by this point.

    In my opinion the most important parts to place on the CL9 for performance gains are:
    • Exhaust Header - you can gain an easy 10-15hp swapping to a aftermarket 4-2-1 dependant on brand. Best gains are found with the Toda, RSP, PLM and Weapon-R manifolds. I'd suggest again looking into @littlebo's work there as his header is extremely good value for money and tries to address the pitfalls of other aftermarket parts.
    • VTC - the stock 25 degree cam doesn't allow for much cam advance, all of the Type-R engines have 50 degrees on movement. On the K24A3 you can safely run 45 degrees on a stock engine without running the risk of valve to piston contact. If you were fully building the engine, claying the block and doing your own measurements is the best way to see your tolerances, some can get away with using the full 50 degrees of movement but getting a 50 degree VTC pinned to 45 degrees is the safest measure. I personally use a 40 degree Toda VTC to negate all this.
    • Intake manifold - the only intake manifold I'd consider to be an upgrade for the K24A3 without destorying low-end torque is the RRC, easy to gain 15hp there throughout the band.
    • Gears - most important one for me, we have a really long 4.3 final drive with gears spaced far apart. Swapping to EP3 ratios, or even just using a 4.7 final drive will drastically improve the acceleration of the car and it's overall feel. Makes a heavy saloon feel like a Type-R when combined with a remap.
    I could talk all day on performance mods for the CL9, I'd suggest looking throughout the site to get some inspiration. My '07 Accords build log is full of upgrades and big write-ups on why I chose them, if you look here at the 7th Generation's Garage section you'll find tons of other people's modification lists.

    Almost all performance parts for the CL9 come from the USA (where it's sold as the Acura TSX) or Japan (where they have the Euro-R).
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