Detailing Tyre dressings - Swissvax vs Meguiars

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    As promised, comparison of Swissvax Pneu against Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel.

    I have used my standard Accord 17" wheels for this, which are off the car at the moment, wearing Winter tyres. They were fully cleaned when they came off the car a couple of weeks ago, but the tyres haven't had any treatment on them for about 3 months (which was Megs Endurance).

    Thought I'd start with a 'photo of some of the products I currently have. Uh-Oh...:SOS: The two bags at the back are full of AutoGlym products, as a few years ago (2006?) I won the full AutoGlym range at an event when my MINI was especially shiny :Smile:

    Next, the two wheels, (Swissvax on the left as you look at the 'photo, Megs on the right) with no treatment applied- then individual 'photos pre-treatment to try to give a better idea of the "before."

    Then, 'photos of the two products immediately after application. Swissvax is in a (very easy to use) pump dispenser, produces a white film initially. Megs applied with their own specific applicator, with one light sweep all round. Looks very glossy initially.


    I'll now leave them both for a couple of hours, and then take some "after" 'photos, including some with the wheels standing up to try to give an idea of the difference in finish. I'll also give my opinions of the differences when looking at them side by side. Watch this space!
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    That is some collection. I wish I had a garage like you guys do.
  3. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Nice attention to detail when laying out your collection :Thumbup:
    We'll see how the tyres dry out . . .
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    Some initial "after" shots, taken outside to try and give a better indication of "real world" looks. In all cases Swissvax Pneu is on the left of the 'photos, with Megs Endurance on the right.

    Third 'photo is Swissvax, fourth is Megs Endurance - just for clarity.


    My impressions are that the look of the two products is very similar - a bit surprising given the price difference I'd say. The Swissvax does look slightly more natural (not sure if the 'photos really reflect that TBH), with less sheen. Having used the Megs for a while, I've found (as with most products) that "less is more" in terms of application. Too much and it does get pretty sticky and too glossy for my taste.

    I'll take some more shots tomorrow after the tyres have rested for 24 hours, just to see if there is a more marked difference.
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  5. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Both look very good.
    I'd be more than happy with either. :Smile:
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    United Kingdom Chester Northumberland
    I use the Meg Tyre Gel and can only recommend it, easy to apply and looks good.
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    Thanks for this.

    Its a great write up. Not sure why, probably because of the fact that I have the MTG, I like the shine on that more than the Swissvax.
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    From my perspective, and now having done the two products side by side, it is very difficult to justify the extra expense of the Swissvax. The Megs gives a great finish, and in my experience is as durable as this type of product ever is. Very good stuff indeed, especially given the price.

    I did use the Megs Hot Shine tyre dressing once, but never again. Messy, sticky, lots of splatter, and far too glossy for me. Horrid.
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    Nice comparison buddy
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    ^^The actual "shine" no more than 2-3 days depending on the weather, but it keeps the tyres looking more consistently "black" (if that makes sense) for much longer. A few years ago I used the AutoGlym equivalent and it used to go a bit "brown" after a while - no such issues with the Megs Endurance in my experience.
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    A week on, the black shine has obviously worn down, but the pigmentation of the black itself is still deep and rich and the tyres do not look faded at all. I'll get a pic up later.
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    Thank you @FirstHonda & @TheDarkKnight .
    Not overly worried about the shine, but really don't like the grey faded look.
    MTG is looking like the product that matches my needs and budget :Smile:
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    I'd agree. I havent yet bought the swissvax and now in hindsight, looking at the pictures, I honestly do not feel the premium is worth paying.

    The MTG I bought for £6 off ebay - been excellent and is beading amazingly too. After roughly 300 miles in the last week, the tyres certainly have not become faded or grey. As said, the initial shine/wet look has subsided, but the water run off and deep gloss looks great.
  15. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    ^^I have been a bit surprised TBH at how similar the results are.

    The only thing that this comparison won't show is durability and finish after a few days on the car, and in all sorts of weather. I haven't taken any more shots as, with the wheels sitting in my garage, the finish is exactly the same now as when I took the "after" shots a couple of days ago.

    What I would add is that I have found Swissvax Pneu an excellent product for finishing plastic wheel arches (when clean). The pump dispenser means it is easy to get in without removing the wheels (and without over application), and it isn't at all "sticky" which is pretty crucial for a wheel arch! It's a "show & shine" life saver :Thumbup: