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    Evening all,

    Please can someone explain how the tyre pressure monitoring system works? I noticed one of my front tyres was soft today. When I checked it I found that pressure was down to 21 lb. I know I have a tyre pressure warning light; I can see it when the dash enters lamp-check mode on startup. However, it did not warn me the tyre was soft, should it have?

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    No it's not exactly a tyre monitoring system ... The active diff notices tyre pressures and more to do with 4 wheel drive. That's my understanding; you need to manually check your pressure I'm afraid
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    TPMS has special valves.
    They are larger than the standard type and on my Accord, are silver.

    They send back the readings and I can read them on the car's display.

    Have a look at this thread for more information. :sherlock:
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    Hi Nels

    I don't believe this is the system he is referring too. on the CR-V there is a dash light that shows a tyre symbol that is all there is; no graphic for the 4 wheels. this light comes on at startup and if it senses wheels are ok it goes off again. pg86 in the manual gives info
    its about tyre deflation and its supposed to notice a change in pressure

    i have had it come on once on me during ownership, and i check my tyres regularly and i have put in air without this system telling me.

    IMHO do your own weekly checks and forget you have this light!!! :Smile:
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    Oh, okay. My mistake.

    Ditto. It's not something I want to have as weekly checks are much better. You can also see the condition of the tyres too.
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    its a strange light to have on the dash ... and the manual does not go into any great detail. The last/only time it did emit on me there was no real issues with my pressures and after checking the light went off again. As stated i pretty much ignore it and monitor pressures myself
    if it ever does come on again for me i will pop up reasons why on here.