Facelift Model Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

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    As you may already know, Honda has installed Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), for the 2014 model year Accord.

    Unlike Tyre Deflation Warning, which utilises the Vehicle Stability Assist sensors to detect tyre deflation via reduction in wheel rotation rate compared to the others and illumination of a warning light to notify the driver, this system actually senses the specific tyre pressure of each wheel, displaying it on the Multi Function Display (i-MID) and also warns of an under inflated tyre via this display and audible alarm. Readings are accessible by scrolling through the i-MID in the same way you would look for your MPG reading, SvRS data etc...


    They also appear to have changed the valve design slightly to a plain metallic valve rather than the rubber coated valves. Whether this is necessary for TPMS to function correctly or not, I'm not sure.


    Here are some pictures of the TPMS entry in the handbook, which also has been redesigned for 2014 model year.




    They have also changed the seatbelt warning icon for 2014.


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    Jealous I don't have this in my car :What: can be compensated for ADAS thou! Thanks for the thread bud just wanted to know what it looked like on the i-MID