Tyres & Wheels Tyre sizes for 17in Opus Alloys

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    I have a set of Honda Opus 17in alloys to be refurbed soon, with new rubber to be added too.
    Currently have normal FR-V fare 5 spoke 16s with 195/55 tyres. Getting a similar circumference in 17in form means 235/40 and 205/45 or 215/45 best match, but Opus wheels currently have 205/50s....
    Or is it the 16s a a little too small?
    Any advice great fully received!
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    D'oh! Correction....
    Currently on 205/55 R16
    Still would like to know best tyres for 17in rims!
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    England Dave Birmingham
    205/50 17's on my wheels, you could go up to 215 pos 225 and drop to 45's or 40's though.
    There a few good sites that tell you what size tyre fits a size of rim and also to match circumference. remember that not having the same circumference as original does alter the speedo reading, by how much I don't know but it does alter it out of calibration.
    Then there how much do you want to pay and do you want them to look wide :eek:
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    Thanks @Bones126 , thought as much!:Thumbup:
    Get it sorted soon an post some pics.....