Tyre sizes?

Discussion in 'Project & Modification Logs' started by Kris81, Wednesday 16th Dec, 2015.

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    So I've got 19 x 8j wheels at the minute, with 225/35/19 tyres on, I'm debating what size to go for next, as these have a bit to much stretch for me if I'm honest.
    My options are
    225/40/19 or 235/35/19 I do like a little stretch/under flush look but the 235 winter tyres I took off looked too wide for me but is that because they were winters?

    I think the 40 profile will offer abit more comfort, not that I find the 35 that bad but everyone loves abit more comfort!

    What do u guys think?
    Will a 40 profile look to tall on my 19" wheels? 2015-03-19 23.49.47. sorry can't find a decent pick of my wheels close up, I think I might have one in my garage log but don't know how to get that pic in this thread on my phone.