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    Just asking the question what type of tyres are people running on there Legends
    I now need a set ?/

  2. I don't have a Legend but hear good things about Yokohama dBs on big Japanese cars such as the Legend and the bigger Lexus models.
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    Hi e, Just had a pair of Continental Sport Contact 3's fitted to the front so not yet able to comment on them in detail other than true feel/feedback and not noisy as far as I can hear. I've always run Michelins on my previous Legends for wear and wet performance and was very happy with them. I had Pirellis many years ago on 2nd Generation and my Legend ate them with the weight of the car, I don't hammer my car or tyres, Pirellis were just too soft for that car. On the 4th Generation I've got OE Yokohamas on the rear which are either the first or 2nd set as my car only has 22k miles on it. I checked out Yokohamas, Michelins and Continentals and opted for the Contis as I also run an older 5 Series which has worked well with the Contis. Hope that helps a little. Cheers G

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    I need some tyres too. I'm looking at either Uniroyal Rainsport 2 or BF Goodrich G-Grip both £120 each. The BF's have a low 69db rating so I may get those especially as there in stock too. Ideally I'd have wanted to pay £70 a tyre but Id never heard of the makes I was being offered like Evergreen.
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    Welcome to AOC , good to see another Honda nutter! :Wink:
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    Michelins - they last forever!
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    Yokohama's all the way
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    uniroyal rainsport 2 seem to be very good just had them fitted last week but car is in the x Honda dealer still trying to locate the water leak its not the windscreen looks like there is a hole between 2 seams in the body above the drivers grab rail .......i will let you know the outcome .