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    Hi all,
    I've just become a Honda CR-V owner for the first time. I have a 2009 ES petrol Automatic. The previous owner must have lived on or near farmland , as the under body has been covered in mud / crud. Does anyone know or can recommend an outfit in Hampshire that specializes in cleaning under sides of vehicles and applying a protective coat of waxoil? That is of course, if waxoil is a suitable product.

    Thanks, I hope i can contribute to this forum in the future.
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    Hi Steve, welcome to AOC.

    I would think that you just need to give the underside a thorough clean and that you don't need additional wax oil treatment. Not sure on who can do the underbody clean for you in your area. Hopefully someone else can advise you on that, it's perfectly possible to do it yourself though, have a look at this thread by CJ
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    Hi Steve a good power washer and loads of time and patience will get your underbody in a good shape . You will need to crawl underneath the car and give it a hand wash too to get the grime off.It only then I would recommend any sort of protection.
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    As the guys say, probably doesnt need waxoyl, that might take any Honda coatings off, only old landrovers need that.

    Jack up each corner, wheel off and them pressure wash it, also have a soft brush to help it off a it also, some bilberry wheel cleaner is an excellent degreaser in a spray bottle also. From each corner you'll be able to get to the underfloor also.

    If you don't fancy diy, find a valeter in your area, they should be keen to have a go. Need a detailer - South Region - Detailing World