Official Honda Unique Damper System for Civic Tourer

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    Honda announced that a world first rear Adaptive Damper System will be introduced on the new Civic Tourer model, set to be launched in Europe from early 2014.

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    I wonder if the European vendor of this ADS will be Bosch? Welcome breakdown-r-us
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    Quick news: Honda adaptive damping, Volvo city safety, Land Rover Range Rover Sport o

    Civic-tourer. Honda adaptive damping on new Tourer, Volvo city safety drops insurance costs, Land Rover Range Rover Sport orders number 15,000 Volvo's City Safety Autonomous Emergency Braking system could save customers up to £160 annually on their car insurance. Volvo models fitted with the system have had their insurance ratings dropped by up to four levels.
    Honda has confirmed that a rear adaptive damper system will be fitted to its new Civic Tourer. The manufacturer says its system is unique, and that using a rear-only setup allows the new estate to have an adaptive chassis with 80 per cent of the functionality of a four-corner system but with half the cost.
    Land Rover has received over 15,000 orders for the new Range Rover Sport, despite it not yet being on sale. The new Sport goes into showrooms this autumn, initially offered with V6 and V8 engine options.