Bulletins & Advisories Update firmware for audio device with navigation???

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    I am wondering if there is a service bulletin for the below update to the latest software. I have read it is done by entering the usb flash pen with the update before the car is started. The update is done automatically

    The procedure to check the firmware is the following:

    For CR-V users with navigation
    Press the following at same time until we get a new screen
    Back sign

    Then select
    Detail Information & Setting
    (Individual Diagnostic screens to confirm a specific diagnostic screen.)

    Then select Version. I get the following on my CR-V.
    Flash 1.14.0000
    HDD 1.14.0000
    IPL 01.01.1312
    APP 01.01.1312
    APP 1.000.A
    IPL 0.000.113
    DBOOT 0.309.130

    Model T1GA
    Coverage EU

    Othe info from ECU info:
    DB Version: IT202.01.04

    Othe info from GPS:
    Firmware version 7.110-090703

    Is there an updated firmware and service bulletin for the above for European version? Thanks
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    Firmware for sat navs with SD and DVD types are bundled into the latest maps updates.
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    Cyprus Panos Nicosia
    I have a hard disk type. I think I have to follow a different approach. There is a HFL/TFL control unit update service bulletin and one for SIRI Eyes Free HFL Software update (USA SB, but same procedure as tested also applies to Europe as described above). But I cannot find the European Service Bulletin to possibly update the Audio System Sat/Nav control unit (not the GPS maps). Thanks

    One SB is called 13-071 HFL/HFT system issues Service Bulletin 13-071 dated Oct-2013 applies also to CR-V 2013 versions.

    The audio navigation unit update which also works for CR-V as tested, I found from service bulletin 13-009 siri eyes free HFL software update honda accord but same procedure as described in my previous post reveals the secret menu where I got the version numbers. Just lucky I guess:Smile: You can read/do some tests from this secret menu and see some live data. I will try to take a photo.

    A13-009 - Siri Eyes Free Update
    I have added some more firmware versions for GPS and DB version in my first post.

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    Cyprus Panos Nicosia
    The Service bulletin 05-032 says the following for the HDD navigation system:
    page 11-16:
    Software Patches:
    Occasionally, problems are discovered after a software version is realeased, either with the original software version that came with the vehicle, or a map update purchased by the customer. Many related software problems can be repaired with software patches (patch CD).

    Before assuming a navigation problem is hardware related, check the iN for software updates, and see if your customer's problem is resolved with the patch disc.

    Service bulletin
    Now to my problem:
    On the secret menu MAP MENU BACK SIGN. When I select the Hard Error
    I get the following:
    1. [1402] [Audio Error 2]

    Is there a patch CD for the following:
    Database: Europe Version IT202.01.04
    Software: Version 1.14.0000
    Device: DBB22011980B
    VIN .....

    1. How do we know if there is a patch CD???
    2. What is the above fault in plain English.


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    @PanayiotisPal I have added the TSB to the forum rather than a external link. First of all the sat nav unit in your CR-V is not remotely close to the units sold in North America. So its pointless making that comparison or assertion that if it happens in the US it has to happen here.
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    Ichiban thanks for adding the SB and for your reply. I am giving an example maybe that better explains my thoughts
    CR-V 4th Generation CR-V with updated GPS has the software version 1.20.0300 (GPS database: EUROPE Version IT203.02.00). Mine as stated above is 1.14.0000 (database 202.01.04)

    How can we get this version patch 1.20.0300? I am not interested in the GPS database just the software upgrade. Thanks

    Also I assume the error is not from the GPS version since I am not using GPS. It must be an error with the audio device which also has another software version. :Smile: Is there a software patch for the premium audio ? I assume that each module has a software update. GPS is an add on module hdd is an add on module usb is an add on module, gracenote is an add on software module, GPS has 2 sides a software driver and a database etc. (example I need the software driver)

    You can think of it more like a general question. It is the same logic like in the USA so same procedure applies. It evern talks about gracenote which I have updated already. The difference is the EU vs USA software patches. Maybe there are no service bulletins for Europe on this subject. Maybe someone has more info?? Gracenote is not mentioned in a EU service bulletin either?? Is there a premium audio SB??
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