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    Honda is proud to announce the updated range of GX engines, the long-term standard in power for a wide variety of applications.

    The revised GX line-up will consist of a STD and an i-GX version:
    STD version: suitable for a wide range of heavy duty applications with top level performance when it comes to Emissions, Power, Startability, Fuel Consumption, Noise and Vibration.

    iGX version: equipped with an electronic, factory programmed speed regulator to suit applications that require features such as ‘Auto-Idle' and ‘Auto-Choke'.

    The introduction of the GX range in 1983 proved a great success in the general purpose engine industry. In fact, Honda has led the market for professional applications for more than 25 years. Over that period, other manufacturers have developed new engines, specifically targeting the GX range. Furthermore, today's environmental and fuel cost issues, as well as future emission regulations, required the incorporation of new technologies in our engines to ensure that OEM products ‘'Powered by Honda'' continue to satisfy end-user's needs while offering distinct and competitive advantages.This is why, from spring 2010 onwards, Honda will begin to introduce the updated GX engines to its worldwide customers, starting with the GX240/GX270/GX340/GX390-series. These engines meet the most stringent exhaust gas emission regulation, EPA Phase III. The updated GX120, GX160 and GX200 engines are scheduled for introduction in 2011.

    New features such as variable ignition timing (digital CDI), increased compression ratio, improved carburettor performance, and a lightweight piston resulted in increased power and torque levels with improved fuel efficiency, and a further reduction in noise and vibration levels. The dimensions and outward appearance, however, remain virtually unchanged, in order to guarantee 100% interchangeability with the current GX-engines. For the same reason the naming of the engines will remain unchanged.

    The iGX version has, in addition to these new features, an electronic governor system that regulates the throttle valve to keep the engine RPM fixed under changing loads. This is a simplified version of the iGX440 engine, introduced in 2005, which will also remain in the engine line-up. In the new engine, the electronic governor comes pre-programmed from the factory, making it ready to use "out of the box" on applications such as generators or high pressure cleaners. All iGX engines are equipped as standard with an automatic choke for easy starting and an auto idle system offering even bigger advantages in fuel consumption and user comfort.

    At Honda, our aim is to continually strengthen our engine range, supplying superior engines to maintain a competitive edge over other manufacturers. We are confident that the updated GX line-up will offer even better support for our policy of "helping people get things done".
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