Guides Upgrading door speakers (Non-Bose systems)

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    Not sure whether its a guide but either way below I will reveal how to change a car door speaker. Please note that this relates to non-Bose equipped cars but the steps should be the same, not so sure about the converters though so look it up rather than relying on this guide.

    1) Remove the door trim.
    For rear doors follow this: Rear door trim removal
    For fronts follow this: Front door trim removal - Thanks to @AndyB1976 for this resource, hopefully you're cool with me linking it here?

    There isn't much difference but the front have a few more steps plus Andy's guide includes all the tools required. I improvised with a regular toolset and a trim removal tool which resulted in a slight scratch. Either way it certainly wouldn't do you any harm to read both :Smile:

    2) You will notice the speaker surrounded by a bronze ring with the whole unit held on with three screws. Remove them and carefully start pulling the unit out. KEEP IN MIND THAT THE SPEAKER CABLE IS STILL CONNECTED SO GO SLOWLY. Then you will be presented with a white connector clip proprietary to Honda. Remove it by squeezing both and easing it off the connector to the other speaker (connector pictures in step 4).

    3) Buy speaker adaptor lead PC2 - 818. I paid £3.79 for a pair on eBay but I've seen them retail for £9.99 upwards too so make sure you buy smartly.

    Speaker size is 5.25 inches so I would recommend sticking to this size - you could go bigger but the door mouldings make it harder.

    We also need to create the MDF spacers, you can make them or buy them on eBay, your call.
    Either way here are the dimensions if you are making them yourself:
    18mm thick MDF
    Outer diameter 155mm
    Inner diameter 121mm

    For the speaker holes use the original bronze speaker surround as a template to find the three holes to fix the spacer to the door.

    4) Fit the spacer to the door using the original gold screws and attach the speaker adaptor lead to the white Honda speaker connector and you should end up with:
    2014-06-12 19.15.08.

    5) Connect the other end of the speaker adapter to your new speakers. You should end up with:
    2014-06-12 19.10.23.

    At this point I tested the speaker just to make sure all was well before fitting it properly.

    6) Fit the speaker to the MDF, make sure the screws you use do not go into the door metal (I assume it's bad, maybe I'm wrong?)

    You should end up with this (except with all the screws in):
    2014-06-12 19.23.19.
    If you're speaker has the capability, make sure the tweeter is facing upwards towards the passenger to heighten the listening experience.

    7) Test the speaker again and if all is well then refit the door trim which is the reverse of the guides above.

    Thanks for reading, if you have any questions feel free to fire away below.
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    Also small precautionary tale I forgot to add - Avoid cutting the plastic bracket that Honda use for their speakers to use the aftermarket speakers. I did that initially but within a week the speaker sounded terrible and was very intermittent. I never found why the bracket was making the speaker sound so bad but since I started using the MDF spacers it has sounded brilliant.

    Also another point I forgot - if your speaker has certain settings on the speaker (mine for example has treble control) - make sure you set it up before you reinstall the trim and realise it doesn't sound as good as it could.
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    Nice one, will be a great help for those upgrading :Hey: @Chunkylover53
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    Good job and nice write up buddy :Thumbup:
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    Cheers guys, much appreciated. Completely forgot to mention that speakers have to be 5.25 inches!
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    Great little write up there @Chunkylover53, it is exactly the same as for the Bose system mate, I've just upgraded all of my speakers to Bose from an SE Excecutive that i found in the breakers. They sound great, just need to power up the sub and amp somehow.
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    Brilliant, thanks for confirming that bud