Engine & Gearbox Uprated Clutch/Flywheel Options for Remapping 2.2 i-CDTi

Discussion in 'Honda N-Series' started by HutchinsonPD, Thursday 4th Sep, 2014.

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    Hello there, I am about to change clutch and ( I think I will need to change flywheel also) but I have in my mind to remap this 2.2 I-CTDI engine, my question is that what kind of clutch or flywheel shoud I be looking for as I am not mechanic and all advices would be appreciated, when you are buying these parts, is there anywhere written how much powerfull car they can be used for etc? I would like to buy something proper before I will do remap if you know what I mean. Hopefully that all makes sense. :Wink:
    Thank you :Smile:
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    @Brodziu you mentioned uprated clutch and changing to SMF. Can you please provide details for options on these two for @HutchinsonPD.
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    I am not any expert as I mentioned it above, but my common sense is telling me that "SMF" stands for single mass flywheel??? Is anybody able to explain any differences why you should go from dual mass to single..what it does etc?? Basically I have still something about 2 months to do this research which option to go for, and then I'll probably will look into brands hmm?? Thanks
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    Diesel aren't really my forte but my understanding is that a dual mass flywheel (DMF) has two parts, two flywheels in fact, separated by springs. By using the spring travel to damped oscillations to the drivetrain. As the engine side spins, the sudden take up of the drive is dampened by the springs, and therefore smoothly transferred to the gearbox side. This means the gearbox side spins a lot more smoothly, helping to keep the drivetrain intact and stop unwanted vibrations and resonance.

    4 cylinder diesels are especially shaky at idle and low revs, so the DMF helps smooth this out. On petrol cars a single mass flywheel (SMF) is utilised.
    When you remap a diesel car the DMF has to take the additional punishment as all the power must transmit through it to get to the wheels. So DMF has more chance of failure.

    So what @Brodziu was suggesting was that you switch to a SMF setup, if you remap your car. The disadvantage maybe that you start to feel the shaky diesel engine in the lower revs.
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    Thank you very much for such a explanation, so now my question is: is there any DMF which will be able to take that abuse from at first, more power of the engine and at second, obviously higher revs to enjoy that power??? Or is this only option I should be looking for??? Which brands are top for those drivetrain and gearbox equipments? Thanks
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    @Brodziu or anyone else offer any advice on this ?

    Personally I'm not aware of an upgraded DMF option.
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    I think we should put this somewhere where there will be bigger chance for others to see this query. What do you think? As I am only new here I don't know where would be the best place to put this. Any help? Thanks
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    The only thing I know of os the CG Motorsport flywheel and paddle clutch but I don't know anyone using it although I believe a few people on Civic site have them.
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    Or maybe the top best sollution to this would be to start looking for decent 2.4 petrol VTEC accord :Wink: .. because it looks like we (owners of 2.2 ICTDI) can go up to 190bhp anyway, so whats gonna happen when I will get bored of that too?? Exactly will be looking for something else, so that might be better, or I will stick with this economic 2.2 ICTDI for long journeys and for nice sporty rides get second more powerfull car just for the weekends :Wink:
    My another question would be what would be the most recommended clutch and flywheel for diesel Accords???
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    Leave it standard buy a fast car for weekends and take it to Honda for clutch and flywheel as there are special tools required to do the job.
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    That's exactly what I have done :Smile: or have done for years.
    With the Accord being standard its less likely to break down and cause running issues in the long run.
    Honda petrol engines can take a lot of beating and still be reliable

    Accord I-CDTI for the economic / family /work commute / supermarket runs etc
    Prelude 2.2 VTI 197 BHP for the weekend toy (would love an S2000 though)
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    Diesel owners can go over 200bhp :Smile: I'm one of the examples :Wink: I've got OEM clutch and DMF which was changed about 3 years ago, no slips so far and my foot is heavy :Wink:
    If it comes to clutch apart cg motorsport and their setup SMF plus some of theirs clutch plates there's also sachs on the market and they have their performance range which I've heard are good.