Engine & Gearbox URGENT! Fuel pump replacement

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    Hi all, need urgent help with my accord, has been cutting out randomly over the last couple of weeks but i've eventually got it started, but now it won't start at all. Im now assuming its the fuel pump because while using bradex engine start the engine will fire up but immediately die, thus my conclusion that the problem lies with the fuel pump, would i be correct? Im almost positive that its a fuel problem, as i have tested spark and all is good that end. I have ordered a fuel filter anyway because it's probably never been changed and I've found the thread on that, but i need help with the fuel pump replacement, If im right the access panel is underneath the boot carpet, so you take that off and replace the pump and thats it right? Because i read somewhere some dude talking about draining and removing the fuel tank to replace the pump, surely this can't be right? The car is a 2000 accord 1.8vtec by the way. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    You can test for faulty pump, you'll need someone to help you. Disconnect the connector on the end of the fuel rail, being careful to catch any leaking fuel, now put a container under the pipe that has been disconnected, get someone to briefly switch on ignition. You should see the fuel pump through. Ensure the ignition is switched off as quick as possible to avoid fuel spillage.

    Before doing the above though, I would test for a positive on the common side of the fuel injectors. Each one should have +12v on side of the injector (the other side pulses from +12v to 0v, when it's 0v fuel flows through the injector).
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    Thanks for the advice speedy, have already had the fuel line off going into the injectors, running completely dry mate so i know the system has a problem pre-injection, have ordered a new pump and filter but stupidly have over looked the relay and hav'nt checked it yet, but with it being an intermittent problem i didn't think this could be the problem?
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    Relay contacts can get pitted and therefore not offer a reliable contact. So when you don't get any fuel coming through I would at that point check the positive on the injectors, if this is missing then this would indicate a main relay issue.
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    The 6th Generation accord are notorious to have faulty fuel relays change that first and you will soon find out !! It cheaper and a simple fix.:Wink:
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    Does anyone have a how to on testing the injector/changing the relay by any chance? Thanks for the input people, even if i still don't find the problem lol, fuel pump and filter are on there way so will try them 1st anyway, hopefully it works but if it doesnt a how to on the relay would be a mega help :Smile:.

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    Oh, and is this the correct relay? Not much info on advert! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Genuine-Honda-Civic-Accord-Fuel-Pump-Relay-39794-SDA-305-/380650236016?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item58a085a870
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    I would speak to your local honda dealer to confirm is that the part number. but more importantly you need someone to look at your car.

    Just concerned there are a lot of assumptions going on what the problem is with little actual diagnostic.
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    I agree with Ichibanaccord here, there is a lot of buy parts first , test stuff later going on these days..
    It is not good economy to buy parts willy nilly throw them at your car and hope one of them fixes it, get the diagnosis first then buy the parts you need.
    you may even have an immobiliser problem so i would get it looked at by a tech if i were you.
    me personally....
    you have stated no fuel pressure at the rail so i will assume its fuel then,
    first, check if you can hear the fuel pump prime when you turn on the ignition, and check for immobiliser warning light.
    if light goes out and no pump noise,

    check fuel pump fuse,
    if ok
    locate fuel pump relay and get a mate to put his hand on it , to see if it clicks when ignition is switched on.
    if it does...
    remove relay and test contacts on the bench , and check for 12v at relay socket contacts, if you got 12v , short out the contacts in the relay socket , this should fire up the pump.
    if it don't
    check the pump is getting power , if there is power to the pump connections, best have a look at the pump then.
    if it aint getting power,
    more electrical testing,
    I would also try to fire up the pump with my power probe too to check if it is alive.

    see how much of this is doable mate and get back, if you can do some of these tests yourself and get some results, it will help us all to pinpoint your problem.:Thumbup:
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    I understand what you are both saying, the only reason i've bought parts first is because so far it has cost me much much less than even the diagnostic would cost at some garages, hence why i've never taken a car to a garage in my life. The only reason i havent checked as many parts as i have is because i don't have much time spare with my job and family commitments, i will find the problem and let you all know the outcome, but thanks for all the suggestions :Smile:
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    UPDATE: Actually had a decent time spent on the car today, after a bit of poking and prodding found the problem to be the live feed to the fuel pump, got the pump going by connecting the positive to the fuel pump to the positive on the back light and the car fired up straight away! Checked the main relay and getting a click on ignition and a click when the check engine light goes off so that's all good, problem seams to be between the main relay and the fuel pump so i'm hazarding a guess at the problem being a split connection in the wire but didn't quite have time today to trace out all the wire and try and find a split in the cable. On another note, something i have done today has stopped the indicators and hazard lights working, i get a solid light on the dash for the hazards but the bulbs don't flash and it doesn't relay, same problem with the indicators but i don't get any lights at all on the dash. I know there's no problem bulb side because the lights flash when you set the immobilizer. I've also checked the fuse for the turning lights and the fuse for the hazard but both ok, im a bit lost so has anyone got any suggestions? Thanks for all the help so far.
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    will most likely be the relay dude, continuity test between the pump and relay to check the wire. + undo the mods you did to the wiring to get the pump to work, then check your lights.
    good luck dude!
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    Problem sorted now guys, someone had put an aftermarket immobilizer in, which consisted of a bridging screw in the middle of the fuel pump live wire, screw had fallen out underneath drivers seat, circuit was broken, no go go! Ahh well problem sorted now!:Smile: