General Used car warranties – are they worth the paper they are written on?

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    Simon Walsall

    I was thinking of getting a 7th generation Honda accord (auto).

    Given some of the common problems with these cars, is it worth taking out a used car warranty?
    The general feeling seems to be that these used car warranty people are worse than the *ankers J, and they don’t like to pay out.
    Are these warranties a waste of money?

    Is it worth buying from a Honda main dealer. Are their warranties any better, or do they just use a 3rd party warranty company.

    Anyone had any good experiences with a used-car-warranty company?
    Which used car warranty would you go for?

    Any info would be useful.

  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Warranty direct was a favorite once upon a time with 7th Generation diesel owners and they have had great success with claims.
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    Used Warranty Direct years ago. They were good however the problem was finding a reputable garage willing to take on the work! Not many were willing to wait for the cash or work to Warranty directs required labor charge. That said found one in the end although the work they did was not quite to my high standards.
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    I have a Honda one that I purchased from HH. Really good price for 2 and 3 year warranties.

    Anyways, have had to claim a few times to date for some minor niggles and sorted out with minimal fuss so very happy. Can't say though overall whether brilliant or not as not had any major claims yet....and hope not to ever.