Fuel Efficiency Using 99RON fuel or not

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    Is there any advice about using a "super unleaded" as opposed to the normal stuff and also any advice about using supermarket fuel as well


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  2. Zebster Guest

    Super unleaded is only 97 RON (not 99) but will produce slightly better performance than regular 95 RON fuel. 99 RON (and even 102 RON) is available, but not many cars are able to advance their timing sufficiently to take advantage of it.

    Supermarket fuel is equivalent to any other fuel and meets/exceeds the standards to which cars are made to use. Why would it be different?
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    Yes super unleaded are different not all of them are the same just sod the fuel specification they just guidelines which in the real world is total :tut:. Supermarket fuels just barely meet the so called fuel specification but super unleaded meet and some exceed the specification.

    The main difference in SL does it have ethanol or no ethanol , do a search here there are loads of topic on this subject. Using this so called fuel specification as a yardstick to justify any difference again is total :tut:.
  4. Zebster Guest

    I'm imagining a (French?) fuel pump with 'Total :tut: - may or may not contain ethanol' written on it.
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    that seems to translate as "branlette totale"

    whatever you do, do not type that into google images, and if you do, definitely do not omit "totale" :eek:
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    My wife has a 2009 CR-V 2.0 Auto Ex. She has had it from new with 56000 miles on the clock now. It has mainly been run on Shell V Power and you can definitely feel the difference. Bearing in mind that the car with auto is probably slightly underpowered, it is noticeable the increase in performance and smoother running. The bonus is that although it is a more expensive fuel , we do achieve a higher MPG. On a run to London, mainly motorway 280 miles each way at 70 mph on cruise control we can regularly get close to 40 MPG. That is tank full to full not computer. It takes a couple of tank fills before you notice the difference. Hope this is useful.
    Rgds, Roger
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    ^^ Totally agree @Whiteshark228

    I run my CR-V petrol / auto on BP Ultimate, and when I had a brief flirtation with Tesco standard unleaded I could feel the difference...I think! MPG definitely went down by 4-5 per gallon.

    Worth the - relatively small - extra cost IMHO. Unless I'm a brainwashed victim of a marketing placebo of course...:Laughing:
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    Shell vpower Nitro petrol is min 98 RON in the UK (this differs a little in mainland Europe) and BP ultimate is min 97 RON

    I researched this for my TVS supercharged Mustang. In the UK I can only use Shell Nitro with the 98RON tune. I load the 95 RON tune when touring Europe. I did a track day in Holland (Zandvoort) and used Shell Vpower which I discovered was only 97 RON when the engine started pinking! A quick tune load and all was OK apart from being down 50bhp on power with the 95 tune
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    What I would really like to know is the benefit in using the premium diesel fuels. I find absolutely no difference in economy or power but do use it a couple of times a month for its cleaning power. I cannot find any independent information to confirm whether it is any better than the standard shell fuelsave
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    Our last three tank fillings were also with Shell V-Power and our avarage went from 47 to 52 MPG! And because we live 5 minutes from the Belgian border the V-Power there is even cheaper than our Dutch regular EURO 95 fuel. :excited: Also i think i feel a smoother drive, but if that's real or suggestion... i don't know. I believe the different additives in fuel brands do make the difference.