Pre-Purchase using another accord as a donor will the parts fit from '86 to '88 accord?

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    Hi everyone - haven't checked the forum for a long while now sorry : ) - got a quick question - will the parts (most of them) from an '86 accord fit to an '88 accord ? A bit more infor regarding both cars : Both are LHD and have carb , the one from 1986 (the donor) has electric windows/mirrors and was bought from Finland and the seller mentioned that the car is special designed for "the north" and has electric motor heater ?! , I have never heard of that before ... The donor has a red color and mine is white (1988) without electric windows etc is a very standard model on a CAE 5 body ?!

    I previously owned 3 Accords 3rd Generation however I am not a mechanic and it will be great if you can advise on the above

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    They could but they are different cars albeit PFL and FL, they only wany you will find out if parts swaps work is by doing it.