Facelift Model Very impressed with 2.4 fuel economy

Discussion in '8th Generation (2008-2015) [Acura TSX]' started by Denso23, Saturday 9th Jul, 2016.

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    Coming from the amazing 2.2 ICTDI engine I was concerned I would be having to refill this new car very often with it's 2.4 petrol engine.

    On a recent trip from London to glasgow which I do a few times of the year I was really impressed with the mileage I was getting out of the tank. I do travel at a rapid pace, basically not many cars overtake me when going up so that give you an idea of the pace!

    I was getting probably 350 miles out the tank, doing similar win the other honda diesel I would get 450. If I would go more leisurely I probably could get another 100 miles out that figure on both

    What really helps is I am using fresh low Viscosity engine oil, low rolling resistance tyres and bp ultimate fuel. It's also interesting as it looks like BP have improved formulation to improve performance. It's a bit extra to pay but I truly beleive it's worth the cost
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    I have found on the 8th Generation I have easily achieved 46 MPG that is not going over 62MPH and a super light throttle and changing gears are 1800 RPM until you are in 6th gear and stay there and hardly use brakes.

    I just coast in 6th gear and back off the throttle when I need to slow and use engine braking and you will achieve a high MPG guaranteed.
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    On a recent trip to London, my R20A3 was showing 50mpg on the dashboard!
    Okay, it's a 2.0, but I'm very happy with that. I also only use BP Ultimate and 0W-20 oil.
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    Just shows diesels are overrated
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    Same with mine. Also 0W20. But I don't care about fuelquality. Take it wherever I am, as cheap as possible :Wink:
    I do drive a lot and never had any problems with cheap fuel or good experencies with the expensive fuels. I have 100.000 miles now. And she's registred first time 03/2011.
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