For Sale Vibe CVENC8-V4 Active Under seat sub

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    on offer I have a brand new Vibe CVEN 8 active underseat subwoofer.

    rrp £179

    price to forum members £145 posted (uk mainland)
    payment via bank transfer or can send an invoice via PayPal.

    some spec, blurb and images:

    Super slim bass enclosure designed to fit in even the smallest of spaces whilst still having the big bass presence that people have come to expect from VIBE
    Most compact enclosure in the entire VIBE range
    Cast aluminium chassis
    Auto sense function allows the amplifier to turn on and off without the need for a separate remote trigger wire
    Phase switch allows the phase of the subwoofer to be adjusted to either 0° or 180°
    Bass boost adds up to +18dB of boost at 45Hz
    Heavy duty power terminals allow 8 AWG cable to be connected
    Remote level control included
    Variable low pass filter allows the cutoff frequency to be adjusted between 50Hz and 150Hz
    Compact size allows fitment behind seats, in luggage compartment side panel or even under the front seats.
    Passive radiator technology delivers improved bass response without increasing enclosure size.
    • Model: CVENC8-V4
    • Driver: CVEN 8”
    • Power (watts): 120W RMS / 240W Peak
    • Impedance
    • Dimensions: (H x W x D) 75mm (3”) x 245mm (9.6”) x 343mm (13.5”)
    • Configuration: Acoustic suspension
    • Amplifier: CVEN Bass 1 (active)
    screen_shot_2014-12-03_at_11.15.44. cven_-_1. screen_shot_2014-12-03_at_11.11.21. screen_shot_2014-12-03_at_11.11.41. screen_shot_2014-12-03_at_11.11.28. banner.

    any questions just ask away.

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    just wanted to add , fitting can also be arranged.