Accord Vibration through steering wheel.

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    I've recently had two new Dunlop Sport Blueresponse tyres fitted to the front of my car and switched the 5mm + Goodyear Efficientgrip performance to the back. I know someone is gonna give me stick about that, but it was my decision, especially to get rid of the off brand tyres that used to reside at the rear of the car.

    Anyway I have noticed that since having the tyres changed I now get vibration through the steering wheel if I exceed a certain speed (in this case a little over 70) I noticed this while overtaking a particularly poor driver who couldn't seem to keep in their lane very well.

    Am I correct in thinking that there might be an issue with the balance of the tyres and I should take the car back and have it checked?
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    Re balance the rear tyres. I had this in my 8th Generation.
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    the rear ones?
    The rear ones used to be on the front and didn't do it before. I am just curious as to why the rear ones might cause vibration through the steering wheel.
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    Yes the rear ones. I put my old tyres to the back and over 70 the steering wheel went nuts. You'd swear it was the fronts but it wasn't. I swapped them back to prove it then bought new tyres as they were worn any way.
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    It sounds like a balance/alignment issue. I had this problem in mine in that the wheel would wobble, even at low speed, but it was caused by a warped rear disc. It's unlikely that your discs are warped if you're just noticing it, leading me to think it's the balancing or alignment that's slightly off.
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    Personally I'd get all 4 balanced and go from there, some tyre fitters are rubbish at balancing or just don't care.
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    I'd first get the old rear tyres balanced and take it from there. You may not need to do the fronts again.

    Keep us updated though.
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    Good News!

    Turned out it was the front wheels that where out of balance. I took it back to the tyre place and they re did them free of charge, as they remembered me coming in a few weeks ago, as they commented how clean my car was, compared to others of the same age.

    Took it for a test drive this evening and the vibration that I had noticed is non existent now.
    So thanks for everyone's input
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    Glad you got it sorted mate
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