Suspension, Steering and Brakes Vibration

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    Hi Guys,

    Last night driving in london near camden came to drive over low curb mistakenly. It happen so suddenly that i was caught by surprise when i feel that thre has rubbed against curb and then went on the curb and then back on road after i realised what happened. It was dark and it was new road with new carpark areas on the left of road.

    Nothing visible damage just a scuff on tyre, rims were safe as max fling tyre saved the rim. However having said that i feel slight tingle or sense of vibration now from the left side while driving, it is not very obvious but i can feel in my foot. It is not constant, however happens clearly when turn left or move steering while driving.

    any idea?
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    just a thought but you may have knocked your wheel alignment out, I would get it checked as a matter of course as if you have it could wear down your tyres.

    I doubt you have done any other damaged.
  3. Zebster Guest

    Try swapping the front wheels to see if the problem also transfers over.
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    On top of the above advice, also just example the tyres themselves make sure you haven't damaged the rubber, look for bulges/bruises and cuts.
  5. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    If your tyres are directional, don't forget to swap them back again.
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    Alright guys i have an update regarding this....

    Took car to Brayley Honda for a health check and diagnostics Details are below ;

    Front brake pads 70% worn, possible left side inner pad metal rubbing against disc while turning to left

    What do you guys think of this?
    - - - Updated - - -
    Details of other checks from Honda Brayley; Detail check up on suspension specially....
    • Air con condenser in poor condition due to salt damage
    • Battery requires recharging ( Confused about this as its only a year old battery "unipart" 3 yrs guarantee )
    • OS steering rack gaitor leaking
    • OSF upper suspension ball joint rubber perishing ( what and where is this ?)
    • Front brake discs lipped ( Any reason why, concerns?)
    • Clutch Fluid dirty
    What do you guys think of above....PLease share your invaluable knowledge and experience...

    Many Thanks
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    Try getting the wheels balanced as you may have knocked a wheel weight off while mounting the curb, all those listed item I suspect would not just all of a sudden cause the problem, it would build over time.
  8. Zebster Guest

    I've known the brake pad wear indicators cause a loud rubbing noise as the pads wear and the indicator arm begins to contact the rotating disc, but never vibration!

    AC condenser being badly corroded is common. Aftermarket ones are cheap.
    The battery is an odd thing, so keep an eye on it. Do you have a voltmeter?
    You'll have to get that leaky gaitor replaced before the MOT
    The upper control arm ballpoint is clear to see by looking under the wheelarch, directly above the centre of the tyre tread, the UCA extends towards you with a the ball joint nearest you. That should be replaced too, if it has opened up at all, which probably means changing the whole UCA.
    Lipped discs can best be sorted when the pads are replaced, I use an angle grinder.
    Dirty clutch fluid is a trivial issue.
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    Zebster, no wonder why your are awarded the top contributor... Many thanks....

    The vibration is more like tingle in steering and my foot while driving and more precisely turning left.

    For steering rack, what parts do I need to stop leek... And what should I change while doing a DIY.

    Much appreciate your help.
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    On top of what Zebster said regarding the UCA balljoint I believe if you replace this you would need to get the alignment checked anyway so might be worth replacing that first.
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    Zebster is UCA informally called as upper wishbone?
  12. Nighthawk Guest

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    They are the same thing :Niceone:
  13. Zebster Guest

    Yep. And replacing them is a reasonable DIY, if that's your thing.

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    If your discs are lipped and the pads are worn... I'd replace both. I've just done front and rear on mine. Used Mintex discs and EBC ultimax pads and noticed a significant imporovement. I think Honda use Mintex discs anyway... I had a local garage fit them and the whole job inc all parts cost me around £200.

    As for the vibration... does it happen at a certain speed? and go away above or below that? If so it's a sign that you've lost a wheel weight.

    As others have pointed out, if the UCA needs replacing then you'll have to get an alignment done anyway... and like the gaitor that's leaking will probably need doing for the MOT.
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    Thanks mate. I am new to HK so still learning jargons.

  16. jimjams Guest

    This is a typical list from a dealer. Only the steering gaitor is a standard MOT failure and worthy of concern for the MOT, and the dirty clutch fluid is also a concern (not MOT related of course). The pads, the lipped brake discs, and the ball joint rubber are not an MOT failure, although some "£30 MOT" places would fail them to get some work. A dealer might also fail them, for the same reason.

    I certainly don't understand "Front brake pads 70% worn, possible left side inner pad metal rubbing against disc while turning to left" - either they're all 70% worn, or three are 70% and the other is ~90%.

    But regarding the "vibration", there is nothing in that list that is relevant, and I reckon that it was there previously, and the incident just made you focus a bit more onto something that you had not noticed before. Thus it's possibly just a long-term wheel algnement change, or a missing small balancing weight.
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    Heckler, it's hard to explain vibration. It's not actually vibration.... It's more like a tingle that I feel in my hands via steering and feet via brake paddle.

    As far as brake disc and pads are concerned I want to get grooved and drilled discs with zinc coating so rust on can be avoided on inner cents if disc. I am think of using ebc yellow or green stuff depends which is economical.

    Will do DIY as I am hoping to paint calipers and refurb them as well. So a full day work. Lol
  18. Heckler Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    EBC Yellows are track day pads... So I'd go with greens which are a fast road pad, or reds which are fast road with occasional track day use. Greens would be the cheapest option, yellows the most expensive. I've used both greens and reds in the past on other cars... Reds especially in my old V6 coupe that I used to take to the Nurburgring. :Smile:

    As for discs... paint them yourself using some rust rattle cans like hammerite... you'll save money that way (another trick I used on my old car when I fitted grooved discs)
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    Thanks Heckler. Indeed Cost saving is equally important.
  20. jimjams Guest

    sounds like a medical condition LOL