Tyres & Wheels vibrations 70+ solved

Discussion in '8th Generation (2008-2015) [Acura TSX]' started by Racy Jace, Saturday 27th Apr, 2013.

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    It was the rear tyres!

    I had a vibration through the steering wheel at speed. I swapped the front wheels to the back and it went away. I then swapped them back and had the tyes rebalanced a total of 3 times and still had vibrations. I then had new front tyes fitted. Still vibrations. I then put new tyes on the rear and the problem is now solved.

    I never would of thought it was the rear wheels! Only after a quick google and statement posted on a tyre fitting web site that I actually thought there might be something in it.

    Hopefully this will help people in the future. Im not sure how the tags work so I've add every possibility.
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    I always thought that rear wheel issues would be felt through your seat instead so this is good to know! It's a real pain when there's vibrations.
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    The vibrations were that bad through the steering wheel it may have covered up the seat vibrations. Either that or the comfy seats just soaked them up? I've had to pay for wheel balancing that I didnt need and a lot of time wasting trying to get to the bottom of it. The lesson is to get all wheels checked.

    The car is now ultra smooth on the motorway to the point where I really need to keep an eye on my speed. Today after the meet was the first time I've been on an empty motorway and when I looked down to see what speed I was doing I had to hit the brakes:Blushing:. The Accord Dtec is now the quietest, most refined car I have driven :Wub: . I'm sure it gets quieter the faster you go? Maybe its that noise cancelling thing?

    The tyres I have on now are:

    Fuel/ Wet/Noise
    2x BF Goodrich G-Grip 98W E / B / 69
    2x HANKOOK K115 98W XL ----B / B / 71