General Video GoPro : Part 3 Drift snow mountain Civic

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    Latvia hhr Riga
    Part 3 is last part for 2014/2015 winter season as warming up spoil the fun
    New FWD snow drift video release date will be next winter for season 2015/2016
    Heat is comeing and with that serious Honda hill driving videos for summer months
    Also next month we will release HHR 2015 winter compilation best moments&fails

    Enjoy ! with new part3 if you see some area to improve tell as your idea how to film even batter for next season

    Front wheel drive snow mountain downhill E-brake drift 2015 part 3
    Video was filmed with GoPro 3 HERO+ black edition
    Featured car : Honda Civic coupe EJ6(1997)
    This video is example of great fun with FWD on snow
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