General Viewing A Car At Honda Wimbledon (London) For Sister

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    Hi Guys,

    Just wanted abit of advise, looking to view and possibly buy a Used Honda Jazz from the Honda dealer in Wimbledon today.
    My sister is looking to change her ageing 2003 Honda Jazz, she now has two kids and looking to upgrade it to the newer model.

    I haven't really bought form a dealer before, always bought private and scrutinise the car like there is no tomorrow.

    But viewing and buying from a dealer is new to me, do i still need to check the car as thoroughly as a private sale or is the car for sale on a used approved dealer forecourt had most checks done and pretty much sound.

    I know the test drive is probably the most important as it will be the ideal opportunity to catch anything amiss with the car i..e handling, braking etc.

    But when actually viewing over the car, would i still do the usual checks like checking the radiator cap when engine cold, oil quality, leaks, checking all electric gadgets work, making sure radiator fan comes on when engine is warm etc??

    thanks guys :Smile:
  2. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Yes, I would still all the checks that you would normally do. You never know might catch something that the dealer has missed or has deliberately ignored, hoping it won't be spotted by potential buyers.
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    Thanks Speedygee,
    Do i need to pay to get a HPI check done on the car? Or would Honda normally provide this certification with a approved used car purchase as part of their service?
  4. Zebster Guest

    I would treat buying a used car from a Honda dealer in the same way as buying a used car from an 'Arthur Daley' style backstreet garage. Just expect to pay a lot more!
  5. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Better to check everything the same. The dealer then has the option of correcting any shortcomings if they want the sale.
    Also, negotiate on the price, whatever the result of your findings.
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    Thanks guys,
    My sister and her other half know nothing about cars.
    I did offer that buying private is always cheaper but with a dealer they at least get some support with the car as i am not always available and around to help them. Especially when I live in Hertfordshire and they live in south London.

    Its also a good opportunity to dump their current Jazz onto the dealer as part exchange as it has a host of issues. They know its not worth much but saves the hassle of selling it privately.
    Current Jazz issues Includes a noisy rear bearing, ABS light on, (fault code indicates new modulator required), damaged loose wing mirror and a host of scrapes and bumps around the car. LOL. Typical of a mum with two :Smile: - I love my sister really - :Laughing:
    (My sister just drives the thing and doesn't mind if it gets dinged - lol) (bless her) lol
    I guess not everyone is as caring with cars as us. lol

    She does love driving the Jazz and hasn't found any other car she likes. HR-V she really likes but too expensive as it was just released 11 months ago and CR-V is far to big for her. Shes does like the FN typ Civic but the Jazz offers much cheaper running costs and I fear that she will find the Civic FN difficult to Park.

    Her other half used to drive a 5th Generation vw golf and had a host of issues.
    Since then me and bro converted them in 2010 and recommended the 2003 Jazz they currently have, which has served them well despite the above issues, commonly of that year it did suffer from CVT gearbox issues and the common rear wheel bearing which has gone again.

    Hope we can get a nice sales chap to negotiate with
    Should be an interesting day :Smile:
  7. Zebster Guest

    Would a Honda dealer really give better post-purchase support in the event of a problem?
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    Probably not, I have always been against buying from a main dealer. I just feel your being conned as soon as you walk through those dealer doors. lol
    But the dealer purchase way works for some people.
  9. Lisbon Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

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    I would expect a dealer to have done an hpi check on a used vehicle and to make this available to perspective purhasers.
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    I bought my CR-V from a main dealer.

    I was happy in the end, but I don't think they check the cars as you would expect.
    The HPI check wasn't carried out, they gave me a year old version. I had to kick up a stink when I noticed. In the end the dealer gave me £250 good will, some wheel alignment, new tyre and a fix to a leather seat scuff.

    As I said I was happy in the end. Initially they were error prone, but upon complaining they jumped into action and made me happy.

    Also I had some issues with my first service, sales said it was totally free. Upon getting the car serviced {3rd year} they on did the year 1 service, and missed the break fluid change. They did however change break pads for free. After complaining the also did the break fluid.

    On the whole I would say sales are average, but after sales are excellent.
  11. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Sorry I had typed the below reply when I saw you original question (when no one else has answered yet).. but looks like I didnt submit it .. DOH !

    "Yes, I would still all the checks that you would normally do. You never know might catch something that the dealer has missed or has deliberately ignored, hoping it won't be spotted by potential buyers."

    As for the HPI check, I would ask the dealer if they supply a HPI check and go over that if they do.
  12. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

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    Why Honda?

    The link shows what you should get when buying an 'Approved' used Honda. Mileage checks and vehicle history checks are included, but as others have said, make sure they've been done!

    From a legal redress point of view, if there is a problem then all dealers should be the same under the law. With a main dealer - of any marque - the hope is that the potential impact on their reputation / involvement of the manufacturer will mean fewer issues or better resolution for issues.

    That's the theory...
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    Thanks for our help guys!

    It was a pleasant experience buying from a Honda dealer. The sales chap was really friendly and helpful.

    My sister really loved the copper brown 2011 SE trim Jazz that they had in stock.
    Heres the link if anyone is interested
    Honda Jazz 1.4 i-VTEC ES for sale in Wandsworth | Wimbledon Park Honda

    So much features than her old Jazz but knowing my sister she would probably not even use half the gadgets/features that it offers - LOL

    We managed to get an excellent price on her old Jazz (£900) in fact, which was absolutely superb despite having so many issues.
    Not sure what the hell they are going to do with it as its trashed - LOL

    He couldn't reduce the price of the car at all, but I think he deliberately increased the part Ex trade in value due to this.
    Also we managed to get a free full tank of fuel, free new genuine mats and a fresh oil service along with a fresh MOT.
    They will also be repairing the electric folding mirror which did not fold in properly. Must have had been whacked previously.
    They also includes a warranty to cover any electrical or mechanical failure for one year, so long as it occurs within one year it will be repaired.

    The car was really clean, the engine bay was pretty much fresh and was really hard to find anything wrong with it despite the thorough check. All under chassis was super clean and seemed like it was hardly driven.
    The CVT gearbox was really smooth, it does take a slight second to pick up - I thought it was slipping but apparently that is the characteristic of this type of gearbox. Can anyone confirm this?
    The car also had genuine rear parking sensors which was an added bonus - as the SE trim doesn't come with them as standard.

    The dude sold 3 Jazz's prior to serving us and they also sold two used CR-V's too. The sales chap said they don't even need to try and sell a Jazz as people come in and know they want it where as they have to try much much harder to sell the Civic and the new CR-V. He said the new CR-V sales are picking up well - especially the new face lift design. He also said the new HR-V are selling well but people are put off by the long lead times when ordering one. I found that hard to believe, Honda should be meeting their customers demands as that is how sales are lost. Not sure if it was true or just talking to make conversation.

    There was an S2000 on the forecourt too. Big money and wrong colour - has to be a black one for me but it was truly mint and I was tempted to ask for a test drive. It was tucked in the back of the forecourt and had so many cars in front of it so would take an age to get it out so I didn't bother asking. Plus my nephew and niece were getting restless - lol
    Honda S2000 2.0i VTEC Roadster for sale in Wandsworth | Wimbledon Park Honda

    Overall a great first time dealer purchase experience even though it wasn't me buying the car. lol
    Not sure I would buy at dealer prices as I have always been a bargain hunter but it suited my sister perfectly with their busy 2 kids life :Smile: and getting rid of their extremely tired 1st Generation Jazz.