General Vinyl Graphic Removal and Wrapping

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    My daughters b/f (who is currently sunning himself in Aus) drives in the U.K. Time Attack series.
    This is his motor.
    Yes I know it's a Vauxhall but it took him to 3rd place in his class this year and it's self funded he's not one of the money mountain teams like some.
    He has asked my daughter to come up with a new idea for the look of the car for next season.
    So her thoughts are to remove all the stickers etc and vinyl wrap the car.
    She is going to attempt this feat herself(oh with dads help).
    Has any @Members any proven methods of removing the current stickers etc and any tips any @Members have for wrapping would be a great help.
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  2. Nighthawk Guest

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    Heatgun to remove the stickers and something like IPA to remove the residue afterwards. Never vinyl wrapped a car myself but would be interested in trying. Something like reflective 3d wrap would be interesting on a race car.
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    Heatgun is on the shopping list as we speak. Think I've got some glue remover hidden in the depths of my castle(garden shed).
    I think she's looking at a wrap that has microscopic holes in it that expels water and air much easier so that will make life a bit easier. And his request was Purple his best friend has a purple wrapped GTR.
    At least we've got till April 1st before the 1st round at Cadwell Park.
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    Be careful with a heat gun! You can very easily burn the paint - a hair dryer is just as effective.
    Get some auto glym tar remover for the residue as it's fantastic.
    I would try a razor / Stanley bland and try peel the edge of a sticker as you may find they easily peel off.

    When peeling pull from close to the paint work and not the edge of the sticker as you could rip it and be stuck trying to get an edge again.

    As for a wrap get a company to do it for you
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    Don't get the stickers to hot just warm enough to get an edge up if you get it hotter you will leave a lot of glue behind. The wrap you are talking about is air release, it does not have holes, it has microscopic grooves in the adhesive that lets air escape so you don't get air bubbles. I have never done a wrap but I do know you will have to first apply it taught over any hollows then heat and stretch it into them, once you have it on you need to reheat the whole thing to a specified temprature so that it forms to the new shape other wise it will try and take on it's original shape.
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    Hair dryer will be the order of the day I think.
    And there'll be a lot of you tube to watch before we even contemplate starting to wrap.
    It's going to be a learning process as we go along.