For Sale VIPER by Clifford 3100VU - Car alarm and immobiliser.

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    Hi All,,

    Special offer exclusive for HK members.

    VIPER by Clifford 3100VU - Car alarm and immobiliser with built in shock sensor plus Ultrasonic sensors



    The Viper 3100V in an entry level Viper security system for the budget conscious.
    It offers door, boot, bonnet protection and dual stage shock sensor with a standard 12 Volt siren.
    2 x 3 Button remotes with two auxiliary channels.
    Central locking connectivity (additional parts may be required)
    Featuring 2 x three button mini-ergo programmable transmitters, two auxillary channels (boot release, window closure or remote start - optional upgrades), arm / disarm and panic functions and code hopping technology, the 3100V is feature packed at an affordable price.

    Security features:
    Interior Ultrasonic sensors
    2 Stage Shock Sensor
    Door, Bonnet & Boot Protection
    Engine Immobilisation
    Parking Light Flash (Arm, Disarm & Trigger)
    2 x Remote Control keys
    Status Reporting LED
    Diagnostics & Event Reporting
    Six Tone Siren

    These retail for £119,, cheapest I have found online is £109.
    Price for HK members £80 delivered to UK mainland.

    Many thanks,
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