Introductions Virgin Honda owner , straight in at the deep end!!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mrjolly, Friday 17th May, 2013.

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    Hello to all , Just made my first Honda purchase , a 54 plate Accord cdti with a few of the common probs these older motors suffer with. The plan is to do it up and make it last me for the next few years. I'm sure i will be getting to know a few of you as information for these cars is either a guarded secret or extremely hard to come by!!!. I am a service engineer by trade and have had a dabble in the garage trade for a few years, so i do know a bit, spent most of it doing diagnostics and upgrades to performance cars, so don't be afraid to ask me owt as i have seen loads of random stuff, Honda diesels not being one though.
    regards to all, Sid.:Thumbup:
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    Hi Sid and welcome,information for the I-CTDI is not hard to get by nor is it a guareded secert if you have the workshop manual :Wink:, which you can buy from dealers . Glad to have another active member handy with spanners.
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    Hey there
    Welcome also got 05 diesel glad to welcome another oil burner :Smile: