General Voice Recognition and Collision Avoidance/Parking Sensors Don't Work

Discussion in '9th Generation (2013)' started by HabibMoosa, Thursday 10th Jul, 2014.

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    Good Morning people,

    I bought a new Honda Accord 2014 yesterday and I seem to be facing some troubles figuring out some features. First of all, the voice recognition button on my steering doesn't work, I tried pushing once, twice and holding but it still doesn't work. The Collision Avoidance and parking sensors doesn't work too. So is there any solution to these problems?
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    Dealer matey it’s a brand new car they will be able to fix it. Surprised the salesmen didn’t show you all these features at the time of delivery?

    Welcome to HK bud.,
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    When I got my new Accord, it was just about closing time, and the salesman was demonstrating everything. But he couldn't get the parking sensors to work. He had people walking around the car, and we gave up in the end. We decided to sort it in the morning. Turned out the parking sensors didn't work as he had the handbrake on..
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    Welcome to the club @HabibMoosa, we're without the 9th Generation over here in the UK so you're going to have to share photos and make us all jealous :Smile:

    Given the car being brand new, I'd go straight to the dealer - even if the issue is user error related, they'll get you on the right track and show you what to do. @TheDarkKnight has driven a 9th Generation while travelling abroad, perhaps he's used the features.

    The collision avoidance and parking sensors will be based on the same sensors, that could well be a physical issue. For the voice recognition my only thought is to ensure the Sat Nav is powered on first :Unknown:
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    Hey people, I know this is old .. but I wanna thank everyone for sharing their thoughts.
    After writing this I went straight to the dealer, and as Ray said .. I wasn't aware that the handbrake was on. lol
    Sensors are all working, but I forgot to ask about the voice recognition system.
    It appears that I'll have to go back to the dealer one more time.
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    Glad to hear it's all working (and at no cost), show us some pictures of your new girl when you get the chance :Smile:
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    With the voice recognition system, are you just pressing the button once and letting go, or are you holding it down?

    You need to hold the button down till it beeps then speak. Hope that helps. :Niceone: