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    vw-badge-autocar_0_0. VW sells 2.4 million cars in China in 2013, some 450,000 more than it sold in Europe; VW Group overtakes GM sales in China for first time, too Volkswagen sold almost 2.4 million vehicles in China in 2013, making it the biggest automotive brand in the country.
    The total means VW sold 450,000 more cars in China than it did in Europe. The figures, released by China Car Times, show that Hyundai is the second most popular brand in the country, selling over a million vehicles in 2013. Toyota is third, with sales of over 857,000 units.
    The Volkswagen Group (including Audi, Porsche and Skoda) sold 3.27 million cars in China in total, while General Motors’ collective brands sold 3.16 million. The latest set of figures marks the first time VW Group has overtaken GM in the country in nine years.
    Most of China's home marques, meanwhile, find themselves lagging behind ‘international’ brands in sales. However, it could be argued that Great Wall is in sixth place overall, because its total has been split into Great Wall Haval (for its SUVs) and Great Wall (for saloons and hatchbacks).
    The VW Group already has a €9.8 billion investment plan for what it calls its "second home market," taking it through to 2016. As part of that investment, the firm's MQB modular platform will be produced locally in China, alongside a range of the latest TSI engines and DSG gearboxes.
    Elsewhere, Volkswagen is set to reveal details of its new budget brand later this year, with head of development Heinz-Jakob Neusser confirming the company is scoping out market opportunities that will allow it to compete with the likes of Dacia. The brand will likely be aimed at the Chinese market, but will not use the Volkswagen name when launched.
    China's top 10 best-selling manufacturers
    1 - Volkswagen - 2,395,696 units sold
    2 - Hyundai - 1,030,808
    3 - Toyota - 857,749
    4 - Nissan - 843,063
    5 - Buick - 807,700
    6 - Honda - 729,568
    7 - Chevrolet - 714,743
    8 - Ford - 678,951
    9 - Kia - 546,766
    10 - BYD - 506,189