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    Just over one week into my 2007 I-CDTI Tourer ownership. Did 650 miles on Wednesday/Thursday. Never missed a beat and got 54mpg at a constant 70-75mph on motorway with some town/city and B road driving. Very happy with that. Exceeded expectations.

    But ... quick query:

    When starting the car, on some occasions (mostly when it has been sitting for a while) the VSA then ABS symbols flash up in yellow very briefly as the engine turns over. Once started, disappear completely, no sign of them. No sign of them when running at any time.

    Is this normal? Is it the car running checks?

    Not flapping, because nothing has lit up whilst driving in almost 900 miles. But, just curious ... !


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    Belgium Aalst
    Might be a battery issue (poor battery, low voltage).
    When starting and not having enough tension to feed the VSA-ABS module, this module lets you know it does not work.
    Most likely a temporary DTC will be stored 'low battery voltage' for VSA module. Nothing to worry about related to VSA-ABS.
    As you say it only happens when the car has been sitting for a while, your battery power is at its lowest in such case.
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    Yes, that would make sense.

    Looking at the battery, it is probably the original because it is Honda branded.

    Also, it is very very cold here at the moment (sub-zero). I'll pop out now and try it again.

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    Mine does this and always had in the two plus years I've owned it. Nothing to worry about. Had the module replaced a year or so ago and it did it before and after. No issues with battery.
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    Thanks, that's put my mind at rest.
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    Mine also does this for the last three years. Just a quirk with the model.
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    Matt Peterborough
    Mine does this the 1st time it starts if it hasn't been used for a couple of days. I think it's just due the battery voltage.
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    Great. Did it again last night when I started it.