Electrical & Lights vsa light 2006 2.2cdti

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    I have the dreaded VSA light on, but it happened in strange circumstances. I was driving in the dark for the first time in a while and thought the headlamps were not very bright, and fiddled about with the height adjuster but lights were still rubbish, so I stopped to check and the nearside bulb was out (they go about once year on nearside) When I set off again the orange triangle lit up, and I thought I may have accidently knocked the VSA switch, so pressed it and the light went out. Then I got to work ok but when I started up to come home I had the triangle and letters asr next to it lit up and also VSA where the MPG is usually displayed. I have tried the switch a few times and it pushes in but springs back out to same position when you let go, but I can't remember if that is how it usually operates, and hoping maybe switch is playing up. Would somebody mind trying theirs and tell me if it is the same. Otherwise I guess it is down to Honda dealer for diagnostics. Any advice appreciated. Cheers Joe
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    Mine comes on every know and again. Just drive it as normal. Next time you start it, chances are itll go off.
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    That is how the switch works. So you will need to get the codes read.
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    I have the VSA come on occasionally, never for longer than the duration of that trip - nothing ever seems any different about the car whilst driving.
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    As said it's best to get the code read to see where the fault likes.

    If the light comes on as you go over approx 10 mph I believe it's because the wheel sensors need recalibrating.