Suspension, Steering and Brakes VSA light is lit on Accord Tourer

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    Hi everyone. I would like to ask for some advice on my Accord Tourer.

    I have a 2007 i-CDI Diesel that has done around 86000 miles and has given me excellent service until the other day when the VSA light went on. It still drives as well as it always has done and the economy is still around 50mpg. My usual car mechanic plugged in his diagnostic tools and got a P1384 error code which (according to what I found on Google) could be glow plug relay.

    My dilemma is this. Researching on Google I have read about the defective management modules that these cars have had and the possible replacement costs of around £1800 but the error codes mentioned are 66/1 which does not fit in with the P1384 code my mechanic got. I have booked the car into my nearest Honda garage for a diagnostic test (at a quote of £106 just for the diags !) as I understand that it has the Honda diagnostic equipment is likely to be more accurate but I would like some advice on what I should be asking for and where I stand if they tell me it is the management module that needs replacing. Needless to say they tell me that they have never heard of the management module needing replacement for a car my age but that appears contrary to what I have found other people saying on this site and others.

    Any advice greatly apprieciated

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    Have u had the clutch replaced by any chance?
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    Nope. The car has been perfect for a few years now and this has come out of the blue. It turns out that the extended warrantee for the part ran out in Jan 2012 and I was over the mileage anyway. The MOT is not due until April so I will get Xmas out of the way and consider my options then.
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    Johnny your VSA issue and the glow plug code are unrelated. You can't read the VSA code using a standard OBD reader.
    You need a HDS unit or a Snap On reader to be able to read the code from the VSA system.

    A Honda dealer or Honda independant specialist will able to read it for you.

    It could be a simple recalibration issue, or a speed sensor issue.
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    Same coincidence here. VSA popped up, read codes and P1384 is there (along with P2004 which has been popping up occasionally for the last year or so).

    Will be checking the glow plugs this weekend following the guide: Glow Plug Check and Replacement • Honda Karma