Electrical & Lights VSA Light of Doom and praise for HH Stoke.

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    Rob Cheshire
    About 6 months or so ago, I started the Accord (I-CDTI, 04, Exec) and was greeted with the ! and VSA Lights being on.

    A quick Google search was all that was required to spread doom, likely to be a faulty pressure sensor in the ABS module, if confirmed reports suggest a replacement from Honda would cost £2000+ with earlier comments suggesting Honda were willing to for the sake of customer service, write off some of the cost.

    First stop - Diagnosis
    After driving it for a few weeks, in the vain hope the lights would go off again. I went to my normal garage, and they confirmed the light was on to stay, but couldn't diagnose it any further. After having previous dealings with HH at Stoke, I opted to take it to them and get official confirmation of what the issue was.. £49 for the diagnostic, and its wavered against the repair if carried out with them..

    Confirmed - Its Terminal - The VSA Modulator has, erm, expired. - DTC66-1 ‘Faulty’ pressure sensor.

    The problem lies with Bosch and affects more than just Honda Accords..
    Independent Solves Problem of Teves Mk 60 ABS Pumps | Motoring News | Honest John
    "Insert some links here"

    The Quote..
    After diagnosing the fault (I'd had email conversation with HH prior to diagnosis, and had a couple of figures in mind..) the chap on the customer service desk quoted £2200 to replace the modulator, and £795 to provide and fit a reconditioned unit.. I was literally speechless. Replacement wasn't an issue, I would never consider spending £2000 to repair a 10 year old Accord with 112k on the clock, but the reconditioning of the unit had been suggested would be Circa £360 and 2 weeks without the car.. so post diagnosis for the actual quote to more than DOUBLE.

    * This was the suprisingly disappointing news.. but read on..

    I followed up the visit with a quick email to HH, expressing my disappointment at the difference in price, and it was explained that the £795 was the full up price, rather than the Accord Owners Club price, for which they could get the price down to £550 a £240 reduction and closer to the initial £360, but still needs consideration.

    The Research
    This issue is wider reaching across the motor industry, and there are several companies out there that have worked on a fix, I believe it was in fact ECUTesting that pioneered the solution to replace the pressure switch and rebuild the modulator.

    BBA ReMan * Add Link
    ECU Testing * Add Link

    The cost of the job from ECU Testing is £165+Vat+~£10 Postage with a turn around time of 5-7 days - and a LIFETIME Guarentee.

    The Counter Quote
    Armed with the research, and inability to even consider DIY removal of the ABS Modulator, I headed off to my local garage to get them to quote for removal and refitting.

    Including the cost of ECUTesting they came in at £320

    A Chance for Reprieve
    So I went back to Gareth Rees at HH with details of costs identified. Not long after I got a call to explain that he wasn't sure whether they could match the £320 but he was going to give his manager a call and see what they could do..

    After a bit of too-ing and fro-ing, they couldn't quite match the £320, but taking into consideration the £49 diagnostic fee, they got it down to Circa £330 but the best news of all, was, they had a unit waiting to come back from BBA ReMan, so once it was back, the faulty unit could be removed, and the new one fitted in the same day, so no need to be without the car for 2 weeks.

    I was in no rush to spend even £330 (cars survived without ABS before, right) and the MOT not till June, there was no major rush to chase the unit back for fitting..

    Module returned, Car booked in, Morning off work, Drive to Stoke armed with tablet fully charged and True Detective lined up... 4 hours, and several complimentary hot chocolates and an (out of date) Lotus Biscuit, later, battery down to 10%, it was done and dusted, ready to go..

    So after 4 months of having a VSA light of possible doom staring at me everytime I drove, I'm now totally warning light free again...

    The Moral of this Tale
    As disappointed I was with both Honda and HH at the beginning, the HH quality customer service shone through again.

    If you've got an issue with your 4 wheel family member, and you need it looking at.. and live in a 100 mile radius of Stoke. Get in touch with Holdcroft Honda, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, just make sure you get the Accord Owners Club price :Smile:

    Star Person of the week award goes to Gareth Rees for his tireless efforts in getting the issue sorted at the best price possible.

    Cheers Holdcroft Honda

    A much happier Accord owner
    Faith restored.
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    Really pleased for you @rhardley. :Grin:

    The VSA issue is one that I haven't had to face. . . yet. (PFL 53 plate i-CDT-i)
    Good to know that there is an option other than a new part !

    Great to hear that Gareth and @Holdcroft Honda came through for you.

    Just another good reason for being a member of HK ! :Thumbup:
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    England CJ Leeds
    DTC 66-1 has broken a lot of people faith in the I-CTDI but TBH half the time the codes are red herrings , unless they come back the minute they have been removed then that is an issue.

    Glad you got this fixed bud. Good work on Gaz too :GoodJob:
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    Rob Cheshire
    Cheers @Biffo I think I did read through your write up at the time, so my search skills were up to scratch.

    However, I stumbled at the first fence, in having no idea where/what the VSA module was, then the second, when you reeled off the list of tools required.. then when I read :-

    "Ok, to get at the module, you need to remove the front bumper, and the right-hand headlight."

    That for me was the knockout blow, I'm about as mechanically minded as a squirrel..
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