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    I thought I'd share a story of 'karma' from my journey today.

    I was driving through a small village, narrow road, 30mph limit. I was keeping to the speed limit, as I tend to do. There is a speed camera as well towards the start of the 30 zone.

    This afternoon, I saw a VW Passat approaching me - fast - from behind. He was evidently irritated that I would have the temerity to keep to the speed limit.

    After a few seconds of driving a few inches from my rear bumper, he managed to get past me - remember on a narrow lane through a 30mph zone. It was a straight piece of road, and there wasn't anything coming but even so. He proceeded to speed away from me, I guess at between 40 and 50mph.

    When he was a couple of hundred yards ahead of me, I saw him brake sharply as he went around a slight left hand bend. I feared the worst - was there a poor pedestrian or cyclist in danger from this muppet?

    It was only a few seconds later that I too saw the Police mobile camera van parked just around the bend...:lol:

    I wonder how fast he was going when he was caught?

    Karma? Hopefully it will slow him down in the future when the letter comes through his letterbox.
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    A bit of sunshine every man and dog gets racy in built up areas.
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    Haha unlucky vw driver silly bugger! :Rolf:
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    I wouldn't be surprised if he even has a "road angel" or similar, and just ignored the warnings of camera van site.
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    That brought a smile to my face.
    The speed limits are there for a reason.
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    Ha! but unfortunately nothing will happen as "The state is Volkswagen’s second-biggest voting shareholder, and Weil [Prime minister of the German state of Lower Saxony] sits on its supervisory board."
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    That's a very interesting article @TheDarkKnight

    I'd expect the supplier to challenge the German court decision at an EU level, as a state level decision can be challenged under EU rules relating to EU contract law provisions.

    Brexit anyone? If Germany wasn't part of the EU 'club' then the ruling of their court would be the end of it. As it is that's far from the final decision...:Laughing:

    Every day I'm even more relieved that I voted to leave this nightmare.
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    There is not enough detail in that article to make a judgement - but it does seem to have turned into a power clash on the back of a contract cancellation - no compensation/redress for work carried out in regard to the contract
    What would be the situation if the cancellation of the contract had forced the supplier to go under and close - no
    parts supplied. I suppose it really boils down to what was in the cancelled contract with regards terms if any for cancellation by either party. Strange that there is no court case/ decision for cancellation compensation /redress mentioned ?

    'The conflict centers on a contract that VW signed with the supplier, then later canceled. The parts maker, which builds seat and transmission parts, says it wants the auto manufacturer to pay for the plant alterations it made to provide the services '

    'There have been court cases in the past, but not a supplier stopping deliveries during series production. '

    Supplies row forces VW to cut hours at several plants | Business | DW.COM | 19.08.2016
    Prevent has been locked in a legal battle with VW for several weeks now due to cost issues. According to the district court in Braunschweig, Germany, two of the company's subsidiaries were seeking compensation from VW for an unspecified "joint project which failed to materialize."
    As a result, Prevent subsidiary Car Trim has stopped delivery of textiles for car seats to VW's in-house seating manufacturer Sitech. In addition, the Prevent group's subsidiary ES Automobilguss has halted its production of parts for gear boxes essential for several VW models.
    The two subsidiaries have been acquired by Prevent group only recently. According to regional newspaper Freie Presse, their new owner had been planning mass layoffs to face mounting pressure from VW on its suppliers to reduce production costs.
    Observers believe VW's pressure is linked to the massive costs of the German carmaker's emissions-cheating scandal, for which VW is expected to pay fines and penalties of more than 20 billion euros ($22.6 billion).

    Big carmakers, big profits? | Business | DW.COM | 17.08.2016
    Reading this - Profitability for VW seems to be at the root of this problem