Electrical & Lights Wait, can you smell burning? Oh.

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    The trusty '07 plate FR-V was bought almost exactly 4 years ago as replacement for a Multipla but sadlyit may have breathed it's last...

    A couple of months ago it developed a weird electrical fault, ABS and teh traction control light illuminated and I stopped the car... They didn't go out. Not even when I switched the car off. And took the key out. In addition the brake lights were permanently illuminated...

    The local garage declared themselves stumped suspecting a dodgy body control module, so it went back to the Honda main dealer in the hope that the mothership would know more... Eventually they confirmed a broken wire adjacent to the aforementioned module and it was back!
    Thing is we don't really use it any more as the Blank houseold has a few too many cars, it was really meant to be sold 2 cars ago but Mrs Blank had got attached and it's just so :tut: practical, until now. So it was a few weeks until it was used for a long journey again and, fully laden with bikes and teenage girls the problem raised it's head again, this time accompanied by a burning smell.
    It was liped back to teh main dealer and they report that it has melted part of it's wiring loom, which they want 1600ukp to replace...

    So I'm off to get it back tomorrow, (it still drives). What the hell am I going to do with it?

    '07 FR-V 110k 2.2CDTi with most of the toys in great nick. Apart form a parking dent and an overly well lit dashboard...
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    There are ECU and wiring loom repair specialist out there, do some searching before you right her off.