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    Well what else is there to do the week between Christmas and New Year but to get your car serviced. I've had my car serviced this week every year as I find it easy to remember when it's due.

    So as usual I have no chance to go to HH in Stoke so dig out the service book, work out what's needed and phone Huddersfield Honda.

    I work out I need the following; oil and filter, air filter, pollen filter, brake fluid and fuel filter. I get a quote of £265 from Huddersfield but that didn't include the fuel filter which was going to be another £100. Total price of £365. Whilst I've always had good service from Huddersfield Honda I didn't think it was the most competitive quote and they are the opposite side of Huddersfield when I was working in Wakefield that week so not the most convenient either.

    So I phone Harratts Honda near Calder Park (3 mile) from work. I tell the service manager what I need and he gives me a price of £265. I query what oil would be used and also if that included the fuel filter. He tells me 0W30 and says the fuel filter is. I say that's the same price I've been quoted elsewhere and before I can say "which didn't include the fuel filter" he interupts me and says I'll beat it as it's Christmas and do everything for £255! I clarify the oil used and again he confirms 0W30 and book it in for the following day.

    On the next day I turn up with a filthy car in icy conditions. I'd got there before 8am as I didn't know what the weather was going to be like and whilst there was only cleaners in I was welcomed in and made a "proper cuppa" not one from the machine! I look around for 5 minutes before the service manager (Lee I think) arrived. He instantly knew who I was as he'd said he'd spotted my car and promptly had me sat down explaining and confirming the work to be done. Again I confirmed about the oil and he said they permanently kept four types in the workshop. 5W30, 0W30, 0W20 and another I can't remember.

    Ten minutes later I find myself still chatting and he's a proper Honda addict and worked for the brand for over 10 years. He thinks the Accord should be continued and really liked the 8th Generation. He also had a thing for classic Fords from memory. He told me he used to be a technician before being service manager so knows his way around an engine. After a second text from my lift outside I depart and leave my car in his hands.

    About 4 hours later I get a call to say it's all ready.

    Upon arriving to collect it I didn't recognise the car and it certainly looked very clean! I went in and was greeted very friendly by Lee (assuming that my memory is correct!). He explained what had been done again and asked if I'd seen my car outside. He went through the health checksheet and pointed out a few Amber jobs (O/S caliper binding slightly - now stripped, cleaned and lubed! and also recommended an air con service due to it never having had one and nearly 9 years old). No hassle or prices even given but he could let me know if I was interested. He gave me an information pack which contained by invoice (which had 0W30 on) and I drove away a very happy customer.

    So what could they do better - well I'm struggling to think of anything and that's even if I was being critical. Even the cleaner was friendly. I got a follow up call a few days later to ensure that I was happy with the service and again thanked for bringing my car to them.

    I mentioned this club to Lee when I booked the car in and he said he would be more than happy to look after club members. Overall I'm very happy and the cars feels lovely.
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    Excellent this is how it should be across the board. I have been down that dealer a few time may check in and have a look.
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    Excellent result and very encouraging feedback @Paul. Sounds tip-top all around.
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    Always good to hear positive feedback, it's something that a lot of us don't do but are quick to shout out when things don't go quite right.

    Well done Harrets Honda (great service must be a trait of all dealers with acronym of HH :Grin:)
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    Great to hear :Thumbup:

    Thanks for posting, hopefully useful for members in the Wakefield area.
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    I sent Lee at Harratts a quick email copying the review and telling him about the aite. He was very pleased and thinks the site looks very very good. If you want a good deal on servicing or parts and can't get to HH then definitely give them a try.
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    Having lived in Wakefield now for some 20 years I hear a lot of good about Harratts. My daughter has had 2 Renaults from there sister company over the road and they have always been very helpful and very friendly. I have used the Honda dealership on a couple of occasions mainly for parts that I needed like straight away and they were very good.
    Good to see they are offering a great service.