General Want to make my Accord Diesel faster and a bit cooler.

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    Hi there.

    ANy ideas of what and how can i make my 06 accord diesel faster and a bit cooler looking. Love the car. Have chaged the stereo to USB stereo and sounds amazing. Spring time will be putting new wheels and tyres on the car. Is it worth it and is it available to buy a different kind of an intake for diesels?
    Any ideas would be appreciated. Please no rude comments, I know its just an accord diesel, but....(it's my baby, reliable and not thirsty)
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Buy a 2.4 petrol for going a bit faster .
    Joking aside,what are you looking to achieve?
    Top speed or just faster acceleration? Remap from Celtic tuning maybe.
    To look cooler I suppose you could install lowering suspensions.
    It's up to you but if you want speed buy a petrol.
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    for the speed id say start with bits like

    air filter

    for looks its up to you where you start

    paint wheels
    paint mirrors
    paint grill
    change head light bulbs
    pressed number plates

    its all down to how much money you want to spend i want 5k so can lower mine on air and fit aome 18s to it lol
    tint windows
    change colour of fogs
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    this is a photoshop of my car this is what i want it to look like