Bulletins & Advisories Waranty Extension: 07-10M CR-V SRS Unit Failure

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    Honda have issues the following TSB #10-08-16 for the below Honda CR-V


    SRS warning light turned on.

    Due to improper manufacturing process of the power supply IC of the SRS unit, the passivation layer of the IC was not formed properly. During the vehicle usage, moisture could have entered into the IC metal layer, which can cause corrosion in the metal layer. If the metal layer corrosion progresses, cracks will
    occur in the IC and the IC output voltage will drop, causing the SRS warning light to turn on.

    Manufacturing process of the power supply IC was changed to form the passivation layer properly.

    Market Treatment
    The warranty on the SRS unit will be extended to 15 years from the original date of vehicle registration with no mileage limit for the SRS indicator with one of the following DTCs stored:
    • 51-XX
    • 53-XX
    • B1187
    • The HDS does not communicate with the SRS unit Please make an inspection if the SRS indicator is on, and please also replace the SRS unit if the DTC listed above or the HDS does not communicate with the SRS unit.

    Parts Information
    Parts number has not been changed with the countermeasure. Please refer to the Parts Catalogue for parts number when ordering the parts.


    1. Turn the ignition ON to see if the SRS indicator comes on for approx. 6 seconds, then turns off.
    • If the indicator comes on, then goes off in approx. 6 seconds, the vehicle is OK.
    • If the indicator does not come on, or if it stays on,
    go to step 2.

    2. Check for DTCs.
    • If any of the following DTCs appears or the HDS
    does not communicate with the SRS unit, go to

    Repair Method
    - 51-XX
    - 53-XX
    - B1187
    • For all other SRS DTCs, these repairs are not covered under this warranty extension.
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