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Discussion in 'Opie Oils' started by oilman, Wednesday 20th Feb, 2013.

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    Warehouse SALE - 15% OFF everything until midnight Sunday 24th Feb


    Voucher code: WAREHOUSE

    As always, our expert advice is free. If you need help you can call on 01209 202949, email us at [email protected], or just ask here.


    Terms & Conditions

    * Voucher code WAREHOUSE cannot be used on trade orders or in conjunction with club discount codes.
    * voucher code WAREHOUSE cannot be used with Millers Nanodrive engine oils.
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    United Kingdom Rokas Bristol, UK
    That's a "nice" marketing stuff... You've pushed the prices up and now giving us this discount. No comments... In October '12 I've bought Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5W-40 Ester Synthetic Engine Oil -5 Litres and I've paid £47.15 in total incl. delivery. And NOW the same oil with applied 15% discount (which is £7.50 of total £54.98) comes in total £47.48! :What: so... it's really something wrong in this picture...
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    Same price init! :Unknown:
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    A business has the right to operate their business as they deem fit. It’s not our place to openly challenge their authority and demand explanations to why their prices have altered or their perceived value. If you spot this or need clarification please don't start such threads or responses.. There is a saying there is always two sides to a story.

    If you feel you are getting a raw deal please contact our vendors directly, they will take the time to advise their stance.

    Intruder or Mikem, I am not singling you out since you responded to this thread first, however setting the tone for meaningful dialogue directly with Opie in private.
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    Thanks for that Peppyster.

    Intruder, was it just the Pro S that you bought then when it was that price? Looking at the price you paid, I think we must have had a price increase from Fuchs since then. But you are looking at the price of one product, not the price of everything. With the current offer, I bet if you went to get the Pro S and some other things like filters, coolant, brake fluid, gear oil etc, it would work out cheaper now.


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    United Kingdom Rokas Bristol, UK
    Firstly, I do not demand any explanation. Businesses can do whatever they like, that's their right, that's true. All I've done was posting my spot and let other members of this forum be aware and maybe pay extra attention if going ahead with any purchases. Secondly, this is a forum like any other forums on the internet where people share, exchange their knowledge & opinions. I feel I have the right to express my own viewpoint & share my own experience, which is in this case purely related to this thread.

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    Thanks Tim. And yes, it was only Pro S. And I've checked the same Pro S product yesterday.
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