Bulletins & Advisories Warranty Extension Jazz CVT Judder When Starting

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    This Warranty extension covers all CVT Equipped Jazz & HR-V's

    ModelModel CodeModel Year
    JazzGD1, GD3, GE3All
    HR-V 3doorGH22002, 2003
    HR-V 5 DoorGH3, GH42002, 2003, 2004, 2005

    The Symptoms
    Customer complains of vehicle judder when starting to move with speed : 3-15 mph on Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) cars only.

    The Cause
    Due to CVT fluid deterioration friction characteristics of the start clutch deteriorated, causing stick-slip when the start clutch is engaged, resulting in judder.

    The Fix
    ATF was changed into CVTF which improved judder toughness.Start clutch size was increased which improved judder toughness (from 06M Jazz). Anyone considering not to use Honda genuine fluid think again.

    Affected VIN Range
    JHMGH2***2S202716 - JHMGH2***2S202888
    JHMGH2***3S200041 - JHMGH2***3S201042
    JHMGH3***3S200001 - JHMGH3***3S200127
    JHMGH3***4S200001 - JHMGH3***4S200495
    JHMGH4***2S207009 - JHMGH4***2S208321
    JHMGH4***3S200005 - JHMGH4***3S206223
    JHMGH4***4S200001 - JHMGH4***4S208955
    JHMGH4***5S200673 - JHMGH4***5S205984
    LUCGE3****3000001 - LUCGE3****3999999
    JHMGD3****S000001 - JHMGD3****S999999
    JHMGD1****S000001 - JHMGD1****S999999

    The Repair Method
    If a owner experiences about judder replace with CVTF as initial action. If the symptom persists replace the start clutch and

    Note for 02YM HR-V only :
    If the VIN is before

    02-05YM Jazz & HR-V
    1. Perform a test run and check the symptom.Does the judder occur only at start and is in the speed range of about 3 to 15 mph?
    YES: Proceed to replace the CVTF.
    NO: Another cause is possible, refer to the Shop Manual.

    06-08YM Jazz
    1. Connect the HDS to the vehicle and perform a test run.
    2. Select the DATA LIST from AT TEST MODE and then check the start clutch status value. Is the status “Judder 1” or “Judder 2”?

    Judder snap.

    The warranty extended to 7 years or 100,000 miles (160,000 km), whichever occurs first, at the point of this article HR-V warranty extension has elapsed.