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    Hi folks,
    I'm really happy with my accord and have started out with the intention of keeping it spotless inside and out. I know this probably sounds like a silly question but how do people generally wash their cars? What products do you use and do you apply a wax product after washing?
    Cheers mick
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    I snow foam (With added wax) the car 2-3 times. The last time going over with a micro fibre sponge then dry off with a big micro fibre towel.

    I'll also use bilt Hamber clay bay as you can use it with water, Auto glyn Super resin polish, Poor boys black Hole and colinte 476 wax.
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    How do you mean snow foam?
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    have a look in the detailing zone before you buy the german yellow piece of junk.
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    Search Youtube for snow foam and youll see. It just completely lathers the car in soapy foam to brake the grime down before pressure washing it off, The gets pretty clean. Youre then ready to follow it up with a washing mitt to wipe any remaining dirt off.
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    Hi Zoran I might go for this along with some of the meguiars shampoo and some of the mits. Would you mind outlining roughly what your washing procedure is and if/how you apply a coat of wax? Thanks again mick
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    Thanks great thread, can I ask what wax you use?

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    Hi guys, any issues with snow foaming in a housing estate? Just wondering if the neighbours will start to complain about runoff
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    It depends on how dirty the car is, but I personally shampoo the car with a lambs wool mitt and the 2 bucket method (one to rinse/catch debris after each panel, one to soap up), hose down the car. When the cars dry I do a quick polish/buff with a microfibre cloth to remove the water stains, then apply wax to each panel with a finger applicator and buff with a orbital (microfibre cloth does the trick too). I do at some point want to try a sealant over the top, but waxing generally lasts a good few months already. Always go top to bottom, wheels last for each stage and don't try and finish off the windows till everything else is done.

    If it's really bad I'll start with a claybar with lubricator before shampooing. If it's just a quick maintenance wash after a few weeks I'll just use some wax friendly shampoo on its own and quickly dry polish after.

    I haven't tried snow foaming myself, but no need if you're going through the effort of claying it's like a short-cut to help lift stubborn debris.

    Shampoo: AutoGlym Quality Bodywork, Meguiars Gold, or Honda Shampoo/Wax Combo.
    Polish: AutoGlym Super Resin or Meguiars Speed Glaze #80 (only use this with an orbital).
    Wax: Dodo Juice Purple Haze or Blue Velvet.
    Windows: AutoGlym Fast Glass, Nilglass or old fashioned White Vinegar + Water (great for stubborn smears).
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    Sounds like a cheat but recently had a Tesco Car wash open up close to me, and was speaking to the manager. Top bloke. They only use Autoglym products, and have got them to wash, and dry my car several times now. Also had the Autoglym high definition wax done several times, along with the leather seat treatment, and car looks soooooo good.

    Much easier than doing it yourself! And haven't had the swirl marks problem like you do with normal hand car wash places.
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    When i done Zorans Accord i sealed the paint with a sealant called Carpro Hydr02, great stuff and easy to apply. I'm sure he's using Collonite 915 on top too.
    Regarding snowfoam and neightbours, its not a problem as the foam when rinsed off eventually disappears. They will probably end up asking you to do there cars :Smile:

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    What were they using to wash and dry your car with? This is where swirls appear and not from the products used whether it be Autoglym, or any other. Sponges, dirty wash mitts, one bucket, poor drying towels will increase the chance of adding defects to your paint.
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