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    Hi all how do you get water out from headlights any idea.
    And has any one got some roof bars for sale please let me know
    Many thanks
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    Hi @Terry2082, It all depends on how much water you've got in your headlights.
    A small amount of condensation will evaporate out if you have the lamps in direct sunlight for a few hours, with the rear bulb(s) / covers off.
    If that doesn't work, take the rear bulb(s) and covers off and blow warm air in to get the moisture out. Don't use very hot air.
    If you have a pool of water, then you're better off taking the headlights off and pouring it out.

    When you've finished, ensure the bulb covers are on correctly and making a good seal.

    The other guys may know other ways.

    What's also important is how it's getting in - bad seals around bulbs, ingress through the seams or physical damage ?

    Some early 7th Generation Accords had a similar problem. See link below:-

    Electrical & Lights - Pre facelift headlight misting: warranty extension • Honda Karma

    Keep us posted on how you get on. :Smile:
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