Engine & Gearbox Water Leak?

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by Heckler, Tuesday 15th Sep, 2015.

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    I think I have a water leak... but it's so tiny that I am unable to pinpoint it's location.

    It's not really causing the water level to drop, I've driven about 75 miles since I noticed it on Sunday... I had a screeching noise that turned out to be a stone in the brakes and as I was inspecting underneath the car (I thought exhaust had fallen off or something) I spotted it.

    I've checked and it's not oil, it's not diesel and it's not coolant from the A/C... No idea how long it's been there, but I last checked the water levels about 10 days ago during my fortnightly checks and nothing needed topping off. Temp gauge sits in the same place it always has and doesn't budge when warmed up.

    It appears to be coming from the back of the engine, in the centre... but there's so many things that could get in the way and redirect drips.

    I have a gravel drive, so would never have noticed a tiny bit of water... I've tried the bit of cardboard underneath but it's been so wet lately, and there's a slight slope to the drive that it's inconclusive.

    Only thing to do is try and get it up on a ramp for a visual inspection and cross my fingers its something simple like a hose.
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  3. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    My Accords leave a small puddle of clear water on the garage floor, just where you describe @Heckler. If you put a tray underneath, you will be able to tell.

    It's condensation from the aircon, just as @Ichiban is eluding to.
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    If' its under near the gear lever area or just under centre console area, as above that will be the water vapour from A/C condensor and it is perfectly normal.

    I always have the climate control on and see a decent sized puddle on my drive after parking up.
  5. Zebster Guest

    It'll be condensation collected and discharged from the AC (which doesn't have coolant!).
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    As said above its probably just your AC.
    I was caught out on this when I 1st had my Accord.
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    Yes, the A/C was running, not full blast or anything but probably keeping the inside temps around 20ºC with a fan speed down low so it's barely audible. To be honest, I tend to just leave it on auto most of the time.

    I'll turn the A/C off when I next make the 25m trip to see the folks, and take a look after it's parked for a while.
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    Had a short run out and about yesterday, turned the A/C off for the entire trip. When I reversed out of the carpark spot... No little puddle... that's a big relief. Cheers for pointing out what it is @Ichiban @Nels @SpeedyGee @Zebster
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    Panic over. Honda do have habit of having a cheeky wee, thank god they don't :tut: their tyres for it:rasta:
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