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    Bought my Accord 2000 V-type a few months ago and very pleased with it,fuel consumption is a bit iffy on short runs,but other wise great car.

    Noticed the other day after very heavy rain,that water had leaked into the footwell behind the drivers seat-all windows and seals are in great condition,and have never had any problems with leaks before,even when using pressure washer to was the car.

    From what I have seen on some forums,Honda`s have a known fault with drains in the sunroof,that can clogg;which in turn can lead to the water leaking into the foot well,forward or rear.I don`t want to have to start drilling holes in the floor to let the water out,but there is a fair bit in there! :Aghast:
    I attempted to clean out the front two drain holes in the sunroof,using compressed air,and also some strimmer cable,but can`t see where the 2 rear ones are,any suggestions???
    Do I have to remove the glass part of the sunroof?
    To be honest I am really fed up with this,as the water has damaged the interior of the car,and it is begining to stink a bit as well-I had never heard of problems like this with a Honda,and does seem to be a very common problem,with several models.
    It seems to be a mystery as to if there is four drain holes or just two,either way,its a bit of a disaster having to pull bits of trim off etc trying to find out what/where the problem is-very frustrating as other wise the car is fantastic condition,and great to drive,but I really need to get to the bottom of this,without pulling the car apart.:Sobbing:

    Any help advice would be greatly appreiciated.
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    Are you certain its the sunroof? I had water, although not much coming in via the inner door membrane on the rear passenger side. After rain I would see evidence of a trickle seeming running across the lower seal and down into the footwell.
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  3. Paul McAlli New Member Getting Started

    I`m not certain that it is coming from the sunroof drains,but when I searched online,many accord drivers,and other Honda models with sunroofs had this problem apparently.
    I just want to find out where the drain holes should be,so I can try and clear them,and hopefully sort it out without pulling loads of trim from the car,as it always results in damage to the trim items.
    It has only leaked once,but the amount of water that got in was shocking-it was only on one side,behind the drivers seat,but thae carpet on that side is now trashed,might be able to dry it out and steam clean it.

    Damned annoying,as the car is brilliant in every other aspect-anyone else heard of this problem and how to treat/cure it???
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    When I tried to find the source of the leak, well I knew it was door related so got a watering can, opened the door fully with window up and emptied the can over the door window.

    At the bottom of the door there are four(?) drain holes, maybe about 10mm wide. You should see the water only run out these. On mine, the water was also dripping out the lower door trim which obviously allowed just enough to breach the interior.

    As a temporary fix, I ran a couple of strips of black duck tape where the lowest part of the black trim meets the the base of the door. The was last October, its still in place and hasn't leaked since. I'll stick a photo up tomorrow

    I don't have a sunroof so haven't faced that problem myself but guess you could eliminate the door by doing something similar to what I did.