Suspension, Steering and Brakes weak brake pedal - high rpm when pressed

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    hi all...

    so the thing is like this:

    brake pedal is weak and with little force I can press it all the way down. I notice that when i do that the RPM goes up to 1500 and then goes back to normal. please notice that this happens ONLY when I release the brake. also if I pump the brake pedal (push it repeatedly fast) the RPM goes up to 2000 and then goes to normal. I can also feel a drop in the braking power , thus I need to push the pedal harder to stop or slow down.

    to note: all discs and pads are ok. the front ones are new and the back ones have very little usage.

    I know (from an old car , a dacia) that had similar symptoms (but in stead of the RPM going high it went low) that the issue was the booster.
    I have no idea what could be the problem with this one.

    2002 6th Generation 2.0 accord.
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    Its normal for revs to creep up a little if you pump the brakes, it probably an issue with the master cylinder, if not then it could be the brake servo.