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    pete slough
    owned my 2006 accord 2.0 auto for a week now and certainly is a nice ride, only oddities I have noticed is with the Auto box e.g say you're coming up to a set of traffic lights and slowing down to the point the box has just changed down to first gear then the lights change to green as your still rolling then put foot down I can feel a light thud as if the box maybe got a bit confused at the sudden acceleration , has anyone noticed this with theirs, would be interested to know.
    Cheers Pete
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    Honda autos are usually pretty smooth.
    First thing to do would be check the transmission fluid level.
    May also be worth getting it changed.

    Other thing comes to mind is, is it actually a thud from the transmission itself or is it something else like a drive shaft joint making the thud ?
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    I'd say start with flushing the ATF and go from there :Smile:
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    I had a similar issue with a previous Renault Scenic auto.

    If it had just changed down as I was slowing, say approaching a roundabout, then I saw a gap and accelerated there would be a thump - almost like a shunt.

    Turned out to be one of the engine mounts...mind you, that WAS a Renault! :goodluck:
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    If you bought it from a dealer, take it back.
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    pete slough
    When I say it's a light thud , it is only slight and not every time, depends on how heavy footed I am!! , so will get the fluid changed in there as there's no way of knowing if it has the genuine Honda fluid in there being a used car.
    cheers Pete