General Went to look at a new car today.... not a Honda though!

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    Popped to look at a C5 1.6HDI Tourer today on a 60 plate as I was contemplating a change due to the pending expenses I'm about to face (tax, clutch, DMF, rear caliper). However it wasnt as big inside as the Accord and I really need an estate bigger than what I have now. Anyway it had 47k on the clock with a worn out drivers seat, worn stearing wheel and the sat nav screen was all marked/worn from being touched. It was a nice car but my Accord with more than 3 times the mileage hasnt got wear on it like that!

    Looks like I'll be keeping mine a bit longer and spending some money on it :Thumbup:
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    I was always under impression that C5 is a bigger then Accord.
    Maybe is clocked if it has that much wear and its only 60 reg:Blink:
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    Or it's just an example of Citroen build quality at it's finest... 6 months honeymoon period then these things go into self-destruct mode.

    Hammer an Accord you won't kill it

    Pamper a Citroen and it will still fall to bits. That's why they're comparatively cheap to buy new.


    Just looked at this and on the website at least they are similarly priced to Accord. Bet you can hammer them down though where as you're on hiding to nothing trying to get Accord discount.

    Best Car Deals on Citroën C5 Saloon | Best Citroën C5 Saloon Offers | Citroën UK
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    Its was at a Citroen dealer so wouldn't really expect it to be clocked. They had brand new ones at 17k I was hoping they were built a bit better nowadays but obviously not unless this ones had a seriously hard life!
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    The estate car market isn't brilliantly well served anymore...

    Honda Accord

    Honda screwed up the 8th Generation majorly - the boot is hopeless, with a much narrower gap between the wheel arches than the 7th Generation, shorter wheelbase gives less room front and back, etc.

    Subaru Legacy

    The current legacy is incredibly anonymous unfortunately. The previous gen was a lovely car, but the current one is plain and dull. Interior is poor compared to many competitors.

    Hyundai i40

    On paper it's a well equipped estate for not a lot of money. In practice the interior is horribly cheap and the 136bhp engine is well off the pace, with 159g/km in the auto (which is the same as our 225bhp auto V70)

    BMW 5

    Never the most practical of estates, but decent enough. The problem with the 5 is specifications - if you want one with a decent engine and nice spec (EG electric, heated seats, xenons, auto, etc) then invariably some idiot has stuck 19" wheels with rubber bands around them on it, along with M-sport suspension so the car then removes your fillings (or gives you some if you don't have any). Apparently in BMW land there's no market for nice spec and nice ride. The base spec 5 series rides beautifully.

    Merc E

    Surprisingly suffers the same problem as the BMW - Only poverty spec gets standard suspension. The higher spec levels all get sports suspension as standard.

    Ford Mundano

    On paper a great car. Somehow I just can't bring myself to want one. At all.

    Skoda Superb

    I've disliked every VAG car I've driven, and the superb is the cheapened version - things like the boot carpet (that mottled grey stuff they used in the 80s) and exposed seat mechanisms openly display where costs have been cut. Functional transport, but not special.

    Audi A6

    :tut: comes as standard

    Jaguar XF

    Lovely car, but expensive (because it's so new. As a new car it's much better value than the germans) and questionmarks over reliability. There's also a weird thing which is that although the boot floor is flat (ie planar), it isn't flat (ie level) - it slopes downwards from the front of the car to the tailgate. Any loose, rolling item will go back to the tailgate, and then fall out the moment you open it. However, comfort-wise its one of the few contenders.

    Toyota Avensis

    Zzzzz.....Zzzzz.....Zzzzz.... uh?! Huh? What?!

    Volvo V60

    An incongruous car - it doesn't know what it wants to be. Styled to take on the 3 series with similar compromises on load space, but without the driving dynamics to pull it off. Basically similar problem to the 8th Generation accord. Volvo tried for "sporty" dynamics, which means ride quality isn't there.

    Citroen C5

    Appealing because of looks and ride quality, plus it's available with the same 3.0V6 diesel that Jaguar use. However, you already identified that all is not so rosy - plus there's only one cupholder. Really? In a car this size?

    Peugeot 508

    See Citroen C5

    Volvo V70

    And you see how we ended up with a V70. It's far from perfect - it doesn't have the handling the accord does, and you can feel that it's 400kg heavier than the accord around town. However, it's the one estate car out there that hasn't bowed to "fashion" and has actually stuck with what people want and need in the real world - practical, usable space, comfortable seats and ride and you're not forced to choose between spec and ride quality - our top-spec SE Lux with the top diesel (D5 Polestar) has standard suspension and 50 profile tyres.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh, and the 1.6HDI you drove - I had that engine in the V40 courtesy car I had the other day. It was just about adequate in that car, and that was with just me in it. With a couple of people and some stuff in the boot it would struggle, and that's in a little hatchback - in a big estate it's going to struggle at the best of times.
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    Great summary. All these cars (except Avensis) do not have 1 thing the Accord has in quality. All manufacturers work on 3 lease cycle and then kiss goodbye to them. Just check early A6 values previous A6. A classic case of newer worth less than old. Why? The CR2.0 engine is virtually designed to go kaput - due to design issue.

    My previous late gen VW Passat was not unreliable but i kept chasing gremlins such as worn camshaft, broken door lock, busted ABS pump. I just didnt have the time or a deep enough wallet for the incessant attention it required. I don't mind fettling but it needed 'bunny boiler' levels of attention.

    My garage mech sagely said' get a Honda or a Toyota' We only get them in for servicing. I just looked on honest john and the respective forums and the worst thing the Accord has is lifting windscreen trim! Check Renault Espace for a basket case....every thread is an issue.

    Coupled with the drive which is more BMW than BMW thesedays, the decision was a no brainer.

    I looked at the Avensis but that makes corn flakes for breakfsst everyday seem exciting. Also, the back end has been hit by the ugly forest. Yes, it got whacked hard.

    There is no perfect car but so far, the Accord Tourer gets as close to a wife AND girlfriend ( if you know what i mean).

    Here endth my sermon!

    (Just needed to vent my frustration with most modern car makers)
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    I can tell you first hand to walk away from the Citroen

    Missus has a C4 1.6 HDI and it truly is the biggest dose of sh*te either of us have ever owned. Gets everything is ever needs, is totally standard and it still rattles and bangs its way along the road. In saying that, the one thing it does right is in the MPG stakes which is the only reason we have kept it this long. Even hammering the absolute nuts off it we still get 40+ MPG and with her daily commute its generally up around 60 MPG
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    That's a great estate car comparison! I've been looking at V70's quite liking the R design or something but a bit too expensive for now, I also want something in the cheap car tax bracket too (must be to do with getting old lol).

    g/f's dad has a 1.6 HDI Picasso even 4 up it doesn't seem to bad and to be honest he's not had any problems with it and it's doing 60mpg something I can only dream of in the Accord mines not really doing much over 45mpg :Frown:
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    I don't have much to contribute to the thread, other than after the build quality and robustness of your Accord, the Citroen would show you the other end of the spectrum. If I was picking a reliable estate from outside of the Honda line-up, it's be an Avensis or a plain old Volvo. The Hyundai i40 is meant to be damned reliable (friend has a i30), they just seem so tacky on the interior.
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    No one today buys a Estate just for space bud.. its proven time and time again space lugging ability as a buying criteria is very low on the agenda for new customers. infact its in the below 5 % range.

    But the shorter wheel base and independent suspension and superb 2.4 engine has given what the Accord Tourer has always wanted, a beautiful handling machine despite all the EP steering haters its best handling Accord ever. The dead centre is hardly noticeable.