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    Hi all,

    New Accord owner and very pleased so far, I have a question, I'm not sure what type of Aerial should be fitted, I've got a 1999 2.0 ES. The aerial has been snapped off at the black cowling on the wing, when I switch the radio on there's a click but nothing else, I had Volvo's and I could hear the motor trying to extend the aerial, but nothing on this car. Should it be a automatic aerial or a manual one?
    Thanks in advance

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    It's automatic aerial, pops up as soon as you turn the radio on, and goes down when its switched off.
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    OK thanks, I can get a replacement aerial mast, just got to get the old one out!! Doesn't want to move.
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    Use some needle-nose pliers to open the nut in the antenna stub by pushing the tips of the pliers into the small holes and then turning counterclockwise.
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    Thanks,,I've done that bit. It's part of the old mast. I think it could be rusted in, looks like I need to remove the whole unit:PullFaces:
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    There's also a small bolt behind the trunk trim panel. The power antenna only comes off as the whole unit.
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    First off i would like to say welcome to the club.

    Fortunatly I have some experience in this matter as I have an earlier 6th Generation model of Accord that has an electric aerial.
    You mention that you don't get any sound when the radio is turned on from the aeriel. Which is not a good sign. From experience a resistor inside the motor fails, causing the motor to not work.
    This however is fixable, I tried this out on an old one of mine, you can replace it with a piece of wire, or replace the resistor, once unsoldering it.

    To get the motor out, as Demian says use a pair of long nose pliers to unscrew the silver notched bolt on the base of the aeriel, being carefull not to slip and damage your paint. Once this is off the rubber base will also come off.
    inside the car, remove the cover for the tail light, unclip the storage cubby cover, remove stuff from there. You will then need an 8mm socket to unscrew the hook thats in there, and unscrew the screws that also hold it in place. There is also a plastic disk rivet to remove.
    once this is out fold back the carpet trip, or remove it (helps to fold the seat down)
    the aeriel hs held in with a 10mm bolt through the base and then the wireing harness. It can the tricky to get it out as access is abit tight.

    You might be better off looking for a working used unit rather than repair as the mast will be about £20 on its own.
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    Thanks Harvey. I am getting sound from the radio, so it looks like it's just the aerial needs replacing. I'll look for a replacement as you suggested.
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    A lot of people swap them for the short stubby aerial from the S2000. It might work out better for you???
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    Indeed they do @Pottermus.

    It doesn't look as good as the original electric unit, but does the same job. I've somewhat been stockpiling them though.