Accord what are the chances?

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    This happened yesterday, and I think the chances are pretty slim of this happening.

    I have been researching tyres to replace my ageing front tyres, (if anyone remembers my thread about using tyres from a salvage yard) and I had come into enough funds to allow me to change both front tyres. I had been looking at the Dunlop SP Sport Blueresponce which have good reviews, however I noticed that KwikFit where selling Good Year Efficientgrip Performance tyres for £1 less than the Dunlop and with a cashback incentive, which made them even cheaper (more or less £53 fitted each)

    Went into the centre and ordered the tyres online (to get the best price) and they moved the appointment to saturday, now I pulled the car into the bay and let the lads do their thing.
    I'll add that I am on good terms with the lads at this particular KwikFit as they have done me favours in the past.
    So I walk over the the manager who is sitting in a Honda Jazz that they are having problems with, a woman had brought it into get serviced, but now it will start but won't stay running, they have their scanner plugged in and its flagging up EGR valve issues, which they pointed out had a crack in the top of the connecter housing. After abit of head scratching, I said, here, try this one that I happen to have in my car, just sitting here waiting to be fitted to my own car.

    plug it in and the connector fits, i left it with them, about 20 minutes later they call me back
    "Would you sell that part to us?"
    "Sure, I need it but I'll just get another one"
    "Ok, can you bring down the receipt and we'll sort you some cash"

    So yes, did all that and then for the most part I was happy that they had sorted their customers car and that I had helped someone out. Yes admitedly the valve didnt quite fit how it should as the connector block was facing the wrong way, but the valve itself was identicle.

    We where joking about it afterwards though, What where the chances that a customer who had come in, just so happend to have the exact part they needed to fix a car just sitting in the boot, that otherwise they wouldn't have been able to get untill monday and it would have cost a fortune?
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    Good going there, how come you had the part in the first place? I hope they knocked some pennies of your tyres.
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    The reason I had it, was the fact that my EGR valve is playing up, it gets a little sticky from time to time, give it a tap and its ok for abit, and the part I had wa to replace it.
    Nah, they bought it off me for cash, £30 to be exact, a few quid more than what I paid for it,
    Ended up getting another one off ebay for my own car and intend fitting this one!

    It was a more can't hurt to try a known good one, than keep poking at the engine and scratching heads.